Bordeaux sinks and does not understand, Troyes supporters attacked in Nice

Our information on the aggression of Trojan supporters on the return from Nice

According to our information, the supporters of Troyes present during the match against Nice were attacked on the way back, at the height of the toll of Fréjus. Several windows were broken. The driver of the vehicle would have taken “several blows”. Three to four minor injuries are to be counted.


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Troyes denounces the aggression of some of its supporters in Nice

Troyes published a short press release to denounce the aggression of some of its supporters in Nice: “ESTAC has a thought for its supporters who made the trip to Nice, to support their team and who were cowardly attacked shortly after the game. The club strongly condemns any act of violence.”

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Niang: “We’ll have to put our balls on the table if we want to stay”

M’baye Niang on Amazon Prime Video: “Personally I feel bad. After leading 2-0, telling me that we lost 5-3, of course it’s not pleasant. We’re going to have to s hang on and put your balls on the table if you want to hold on.”

Metz lose against Brest

Metz is probably saying goodbye to Ligue 1 this Sunday by losing to Brest. The Algerian Belaili is the only scorer of the meeting.

Nice wins against Troyes!

In pain, the Niçois won in the last moments of the game thanks to a goal from Thuram!

Clermont hangs on Angers!

There too it was a crazy match! Led 2-0 by the SCO, the Cermontois drew on resources from the bench to come back up to their opponents of the day. 2-2 end of the game.

It’s over in Nantes!

Nantes won 5-3 against Bordeaux after a crazy match! Bordeaux is in the hard and remains 19th.



Thuram allows Nice to take 3 very important points in the race for Europe!


It’s terrible for the people of Bordeaux!

FC Nantes slams a fifth goal to the Girondins on a perfectly oiled counter-attack. Triple from Kalifa Coulibaly! 5-3!


What a save from Lafont on this penalty shot by Briand!

Nantes stays ahead!


It’s definitely one of the games of the year!

The referee indicates the penalty spot for Bordeaux following a handball by Girotto.

The VAR canceled a goal from Metz!

At nine against eleven, Metz equalized through Kiki Kouyaté! But the goal is canceled by the VAR for an offside position!


Led 2-0, Clermont comes back to match in a crazy second period!

Lucas Da Cunha scores after a crazy deflection from Bayo with a backheel.

Result: Clermont 2-2 Angers.


Metz will finish this part anew!

That’s crazy ! After the expulsion of Jemerson which cuts Cardona in the position of last defender.

Behind, Oukidja gets angry and lets go of his nerves by pushing Agoume. The referee sends him off!


Angers will finish at ten after a second yellow card for Cho. Clermont could come back!



Nantes now leads against Bordeaux in an incredible scenario! Simon makes the difference at the far post on a cross from Coulibaly.

It’s totally crazy!

Goal finally confirmed!

The VAR reconsiders the linesman’s decision and Bayo scores! Clermont reduces the gap against Angers: 1-2!

The VAR cancels a Clermont goal

On a good cross, Bayo finds the net on one of his first balls but the VAR intervenes and cancels the goal for offside.


Crazy scenario!

Caught up in the score when they were leading by two goals, the Girondins regained the lead and have just been equalized again!

An achievement signed Coulibaly, double scorer this Sunday.


What a goal from Kwateng!

With an incredible curl, the Bordeaux winger finds the opposite skylight and puts the Girondins in the right direction.

Bordeaux 3, Nantes 2.

Opportunity for Metz!

Delaine makes a superb run in the middle and tries her luck at the entrance to the penalty area!

His shot misses the right Brest goal post. Still 1-0 for the Bretons in Metz.

Mohamed-Ali Cho warns for simulation

The SCO striker and scorer falls into the area. penalty? Not at all. He even receives a yellow card for simulation!

Lafont stop!

Bordeaux grows!

Spectacular reflex save by the former Fiorentina goalkeeper on a deflected shot from Ignatenko! Always 2-2!

Bordeaux as against ASSE…

On April 20, Bordeaux scored two goals against Stéphanois before being caught. End of the match against the Greens: 2-2. The pattern is identical this afternoon in Nantes.

Bayo comes into play

Came from Bayo instead of Kyei!

Clermont could make an excellent operation if he returned to Angers.


Incredible ! The Canaries return to Bordeaux!

Ricardo Mangas tackles to deflect a cross from Simon but his gesture in an emergency situation hits its own net! 2-2!

What a failure by Niang!

Alone in front of goal following an excellent job by Hwang Ui-Jo, Niang completely misses his shot which goes well above Lafont’s goals!


Nantes closes the gap!

Coulibaly makes the Girondins doubt by scoring and winning his duel with Costil. 2-1 now for Bordeaux in Nantes.

Start of the second part

All games have resumed! As a reminder, here are the results:

Clermont 0-2 Angers

Metz 0-1 Brest

Nantes 0-2 Bordeaux

Nice 0-0 Troyes


Ismaël Traoré is in the right place and at the right time on this corner. The captain of the SCO doubles the bet and allows Angers to break in this part.

Angers 2, Clermont 0.

Dolberg misses his duel

On his right foot, Dolberg tries to find the opposite side netting in the penalty area but the ball escapes the frame. Still 0-0 in Nice.

Lamkel Zé Strike

Still no shot on target from FC Metz but finally a reaction!

Lamkel Zé tries his luck from the left side of the penalty area and the ball ends up in the side netting. Still 1-0 for Brest.


Mohamed-Ali Cho finds the way to the nets!

On a cross from Fulgini, Capelle tries his luck but sees his shot hit the post. The ball arrives at the feet of the young SCO striker who pushes the ball into the empty goals. 1-0 for Angers against Clermont.

Troyes scores but the VAR cancels the goal

Warning for OGC Nice!

Renaud Ripart opens the scoring but the VAR precisely cancels the goal for an offside. Still 0-0.

Nantes on the verge of closing the gap

Big strike from Blas which lacks efficiency in the last gesture!

His shot went just above Costil’s goal and Bordeaux kept their two-goal advantage.


He had had the two biggest chances since the start of the game, Youcef Belaili found his way to the net this time! The Algerian concludes a super cross from Cardona.

Brest leads to Metz!

Nice operation for Bordeaux

At the moment, the Girondins are doing the excellent operation of the afternoon.

By winning 2-0 in Nantes, Bordeaux returns to a small point behind ASSE, 18th, and temporarily three points behind Clermont, 17th.


This one, he owes it to no one! With a powerful strike, Dilrosun finds the net from outside the area!

A sublime achievement that allows the Girondins to take a break. 2-0!

Opportunity from Brest!

Superb opportunity for Brest and Belaili!

The Algerian plays Mbengue and wraps his shot. The ball doesn’t find the target but it’s a big chance!

Clermont close to 1-0!

First real opportunity in Clermont!

On a super cross from Gastien, Kyei slams a powerful helmet shot but the ball goes just past Mandrea’s cages. Still 0-0.

The free kick does nothing

Oukidja can breathe. Youcef Belaili’s free kick does not find the target.

Yellow in Metz

Yellow card for N’Doram following a late intervention 30 meters from the Metz goals. Interesting free kick to follow for Brest!

Superb outing from Moulin

Rosario tries to find Dolberg in the penalty area. The Danish striker deflects the ball which arrives at Gouiri’s feet. But the former resident of OL does not manage to try his luck following an excellent outing from Moulin. Still 0-0.


The Girondins take the lead!

On a cross from Ignatenko, M’Baye Niang finds the net by taking advantage of a huge lack of marking in the penalty area. 1-0!

Tension between Clermont and Angers

After a great technical gesture from Cho on Gastien, tempers flared between the two teams and Stéphanie Frappart quickly restored order.

Great atmosphere at La Beaujoire!

The kick-off of the Atlantic derby was given under an atmosphere of fire. Moreover, the smoke of many smoke bombs covers the lawn!

Let’s go !

The kick-off was given on all the lawns!

Matches start in 5 minutes!

The players leave the locker rooms and prepare to enter the respective lawns.

Earlier in the day, Stade Rennais beat Lorient 5-0. A result that does business for Troyes, Clermont, Angers and Bordeaux, all players in this multiplex!

Nantes-Bordeaux compositions

Nantes XI: Lafont – Castelletto, Girotto, Merlin – Corchia, Cyprien, Moutoussamy, Simon – Blas – Kolo Muani, Coulibaly.

Bordeaux XI: Costil – Ahmedhodzic, Guilavogui, Marcelo – Kwateng, Onana, Ignatenko, Mangas – Dilrosun – Niang, Hwang.

The compositions of Metz-Brest

Metz XI: Oukidja – Kouyaté, Jemerson, Mbengue – Mikelbrencis, N’Doram, Traoré, Sarr, Delaine – De Préville, Lamkel Zé.

Brest XI: Bizot – Duverne, Chardonnet, Herelle, Uronen – Mbock, Agoume, Magnetti – Cardona, Mounié, Belaili.

The compositions of Clermont-Angers

Clermont XI: Djoco – Zedadka, Billong, Ogier, Mendy – Abdul Samed, Gastien, Magnin – Dossou, Kyeu, Khaoui.

Angers XI: Mandrea – Doumbia, Thomas, Traore, Ebosse – Bamba, Capelle, Bentaleb, Ounahi – Fulgini, Cho.

The compositions of Nice-Troyes

Christophe Galtier has decided to preserve the threatened suspension for the final of the Coupe de France. Daniliuc, Thuram, Bard and Lemina, all four suspended in the event of a card today are therefore on the bench!

Nice XI: Benitez- Lotomba, Todibo, Dante, Amavi – Kluivert, Boudaoui, Rosario, Gouiri – Delort, Dolberg.

Troyes XI: Moulin – Kaboré, Biancone, Palmer-Brown, Koné, Conté – Kouamé, Tardieu, Chavalerin – Ripart, Touzghar.

Bordeaux: Costil back in goal, Poussin on the bench

It was expected, Benoît Costil will be in the Bordeaux goal in Nantes this afternoon in place of Gaëtan Poussin. The French international has not played since the meeting against Montpellier and the altercation which pitted him against the Ultramarines, the main group of Girondin supporters who accused him of racist acts. Costil will not be whistled at La Beaujoire by the latter. A backpedal from the supporters who no longer wanted to see Costil with the club jersey on their shoulders since their altercation.

They realized the importance of having Costil play in place of Gaëtan Poussin in difficulty. He was warned Friday evening by the staff that he would play this meeting. A nice revenge for the former Rennes who had made up his mind and no longer thought of wearing the Girondins jersey even if he always declared himself ready to serve the club if David Guion called on him.

The week was difficult to manage for the two goalkeepers Benoît Costil and Gaëtan Poussin, who were heavily criticized for their last two performances. The two men are very close. Although David Guion has always insisted that it was a sporting decision as to his benching, management had assured the Ultras a few weeks ago that the former club captain would no longer play. with Bordeaux. The maintenance mission has taken over the extra-sporting context.

Nicolas Paolorsi

Hello and welcome to all !

On the program a beautiful day of Ligue 1 with four important matches at 3 p.m., in particular in the fight for maintenance.

3:00 p.m. matches:


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