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Can sex save our back to school?


End of abundance, end of the bamboche: are we not well, in 2022? In the cool (between two heat waves), relaxed from the collapse (you will enjoy an aperitif between two overwhelming news)? Well, let’s face reality: this back to school is completely rotten. So fine, let’s look for solutions at hand: could sexuality comfort us?

At first sight, one could say yes: the hormonal cocktail brought by the pleasure and the connection to the other acts (generally) as a natural antidepressant. A good orgasm, a new lover, or even a big hug can all hold us emotionally. Should we therefore go to bed as we go to the shrink, use the Kama-sutra as a psychotropic, and as long as we do, claim reimbursement from social security for our sex toys? It is not so simple.

To begin with, the question must be posed in the right direction, that is to say… in all directions. Sexuality can lift our spirits, but low spirits can demolish our sexuality – starting with our libido. It is not enough to jump on our partner (or on our sex toy) to get better: it would be a form of instrumentalization, which would reduce our erotic life to medicalization. And frankly, you suspect that if it was enough to touch a clitoris or a penis to forget all your problems, you would know.


Moreover, if the consoling virtues of sex were obvious, we would see it in the statistical surveys. That’s good, we have figures on it: the University of Texas has looked in detail at the reasons why people make love. Their panel of participants reported 237 different motivations… among which we find, indeed, the sign of a therapeutic use of somersaults – but to be taken with tweezers.

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The answer “I thought sex would relax me” happens like this in 32e position of our sexual goals, followed by “I needed to free myself from my tensions” in 40e position, “I wanted to get rid of my stress and/or my anxiety” in 42e location, and “I was frustrated and needed relief” in 46e position. Conclusion: yes, we can use sexual intercourse to ensure our mental balance, but clearly, this motivation remains incidental. Moreover, this study of Texas dates from 2007: another time, another world. The same survey, conducted in 2022, would arguably reveal more contemporary anxieties (with answers like “There was no more heating” Where “Sex is not subject to inflation”).

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