Google’s Russian subsidiary to file for bankruptcy

Google Russia’s bank account has been seized by authorities. The group assures that its services will continue to operate in the country. The Russian subsidiary of the American giant Google, whose bank account has been seized by the Russian authorities, has announced its intention to file for bankruptcy but will continue to provide its free … Read more

Google Photos Book test: an easy-to-use service, but which quickly shows its limits

Do we really need to present Google Photos? The search giant’s service, which has been integrated into our Google accounts via a Gmail address for quite a few years, offers a library that organizes the images we capture on our smartphones, thanks in particular to powerful algorithms. An integrated service in your pocket In addition … Read more

Google wants to facilitate voice recognition in French for people with disabilities

Google’s Euphonia project, aimed at working on the voice recognition of people suffering from a speech disorder, is coming to France. Google’s Relate project app // Source: Google For several years, Google has been working on projects to simplify the daily lives of people with disabilities. In 2019, we discovered the Euphonia project, a program … Read more

Google files for bankruptcy in Russia after its bank account is seized

Google was forced to file for bankruptcy in Russia after Russian authorities seized its bank account and made it virtually impossible for the company to continue operations in the country. Credits: Unsplash The Russian subsidiary of Google, an Alphabet group company, plans to file for bankruptcy after authorities seize his bank account, in an apparent … Read more

Google Cloud seeks to scale its distribution strategy by associating a partner with each customer

Redoubling its efforts to catch up with AWS and Microsoft, Google Cloud wants to take its distribution strategy to the next level. In a context where demand remains dizzying, one of the solutions he recommends to maximize sales is to systematically involve partners in the relationship with the customer. In an interview with CRN, its … Read more

Pending Matter, Google is already revealing what it intends to do with it

Google’s recent I/O 2022 convention was another opportunity to learn more about Google’s ambition with this new home automation protocol that promises to bring together and unify the connected home. matterdeveloped in collaboration with Apple, Amazon and the Zigbee Alliance (among other things), will allow users to connect all enabled devices to Google Nest and … Read more

The future Google Glass will caption life!

Google has demonstrated augmented reality glasses capable of translating the language of your interlocutor in real time. Impressive. At its I/O conference in early May, Google previewed augmented reality glasses with incredibly handy technology. Named Proto 29, these glasses listen to your interlocutor and translate their speech in real time to display it before your … Read more