UNDERSTAND IT ALL – What is monkeypox, of which several cases have been detected in Europe?

Several dozen cases of this rare disease originating in Africa have been identified in Europe since the beginning of May. Spain has launched a health alert, and the Kingdom fears a community infection. After the United Kingdom, Portugal and Spain, it is Canada and the United States which indicated on Wednesday that they had detected … Read more

Monkey pox: fever, lymph nodes… what is the “Monkeypox” virus, cases of which have been identified in Europe?

Cases of “monkey pox” have been detected in the UK, Portugal and now Spain. The WHO is trying to find out more about this virus. Covid, and now monkeypox. After the United Kingdom, Spain and Portugal announced this Wednesday, May 18 in turn to have identified more than 40 suspected or confirmed cases of monkeypoxa … Read more

Monkeypox virus: the number of cases of monkeypox multiplied by 4 in Spain, “all have had sex with men in recent weeks”

This Wednesday, they were 8. Last night, the number of cases rose to 30. In reality, they could be much more. UK, Canada, UNITED STATES, Portugal and Spain : I’epidemic of Monkeypox also called monkey pox seems to be gaining ground. A first case has indeed been identified in UNITED STATES tonight in the state … Read more

Attracted by certain colors, virulent during the day… What recent studies on mosquitoes say

the essential Several recent studies provide a better understanding of the behavior of mosquitoes, which proliferate with the high temperatures of recent days. The high temperatures sign, as every year, the return of mosquitoes. Three recent studies conducted around the world now allow us to better understand their behavior. The first, conducted by researchers from … Read more