its car insurance based on your real-time driving is gaining momentum

Tesla now offers its real-time driving-based auto insurance in eight US states. To do this, it uses the vehicle’s sensors, without adding any hardware. Driving-based insurance has existed for several years now, in France and abroad. For this, the company generally provides the customer a box to be connected to the diagnostic socketwhich analyzes several … Read more

The Volkswagen ID electric sedan. Aero wants to beat the Tesla Model 3

Volkswagen’s first electric sedan will simply seek to beat the current market benchmark for zero-emission cars, the Tesla Model 3. For several years, Volkswagen has been investing heavily in the development of 100% electric models. The German manufacturer even hopes to become the world leader among electric car manufacturers by the middle of the decade. … Read more

Near Dijon? Choose Sonelec

context At Tesla Mag, we want to support you as best as possible in choosing your charging equipment in order to switch to electric in the best conditions. We worked on the selection of installers in all the cities of France, here is the reference of terminal installers for the city of Dijon. Do you … Read more

How Tesla is reinventing car insurance

Whether you like Tesla or not, it is clear that the manufacturer has revolutionized the automotive market. And he does not intend to stop in such a good way. To offer the best possible experience to its customers, Tesla is preparing to market a new kind of insurance policy. Launched for the first time in … Read more

Tesla could bring back Enhanced Autopilot for buyers who don’t want to pay for FSD

Tesla Autopilot Tesla once offered Enhanced Autopilot, an upgraded version that added features to the standard system This could serve as a middle ground between the free Autopilot and the $12,000 FSD This system is now available in Australia and New Zealand, which could presage a return to America Tesla may bring back Enhanced Autopilot … Read more