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Update April 28, 2022:

As Tesla has just informed us, the recall announcement by the European Commission and the Rappel conso site have just been withdrawn – just to better amend it because there was an error. The recall is actually a follow-up to a recall launched late last year in the US and early 2022 in Europe. In reality, only the Model S is impacted – the Model 3 is in no way affected by the problem. Owners of the affected vehicles were notified via the email below in early January. As always, this tool is available to check your vehicle’s presence in the recall order.

Friday, April 15, the Safety Gate site of the European Commission as well as the Rappel conso site of the French government launched the recall of thousands of Tesla Model S and Model 3 produced between 2014 and 2021. According to the notice, the front trunk is likely to open by itself at high speed, which may startle the driver and cause injury. The recall is not limited in time.

Here is precisely what the recall notice taken up by Rappel conso in France says: “At high speeds, the air intake between the bonnet and the radiator grille causes vibrations in the bonnet. This can lead to stress fractures along the hood latch striker and its separation from the hood, causing the hood to pop open. This hampers drivers’ vision, which increases the risk of an accident”.

Contact Tesla very quickly if you have a Model S or Model 3

The front trunk had previously been the subject of a separate recall over a faulty latch, but in this case it is a separate recall. A priori all models of Tesla Model S and 3 are potentially affected, but Tesla should probably – we imagine – exclude the models that were the subject of the last recall around the front trunk latch (which we hope is definitively resolved) . Of course, at this stage, these are only guesses and we must also see the details of the models concerned with Tesla.

The opinion is not very precise in itself since it is content to say that all models produced until 2021 are affected by this recall. Note also that due to the rules in force in Europe, used models are also likely to be recalled. If you own a Tesla Model S or Model 3 that dates from before 2022, we strongly recommend that you get in touch with your nearest Tesla dealer as soon as possible. A repair can thus be scheduled to avoid this potentially very dangerous problem.

This is not Tesla’s first recall for dangerous problems on Model S, Model 3 but also Model Y. Beyond that, the manufacturer is regularly singled out for certain misleading names, such as Autopilot – which is in fact for the moment only a level 2 driving assistance device (on a scale of 5). This does not prevent some owners from regularly abusing the system irresponsibly on the highway.

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