Chrome 101 is available, here are its main new features

Just four weeks after the release of Chrome 100, Google is updating its browser to version 101, with relatively few new features for end users. If Google has nevertheless integrated several new features, these are still being tested and are not activated by default in the browser. To take advantage of them, you have to activate them manually in the Chrome experimental functions menu.

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Among these new functions, the first concerns the Chrome download manager interface. Google is testing a new, more modern, and above all more practical. It groups the downloaded files in a single menu grafted to the top right of the window, as on Microsoft Edge. To take advantage of it, you must go to the page dedicated to the flag, chrome://flags/#download-bubble and activate the function by changing the Default parameter to Enabled.

Chrome’s built-in password manager gains a new feature. You can now add a Note to saved passwords in the browser, as Google has added a field for this purpose. You will need to go to the page dedicated to the flag (chrome://flags/#password-notes) to enable it in Chrome on your machine.

Finally, the function allowing to save groups of tabs in Chrome on which Google has been working since Chrome 95 and which needs to be activated via the flag chrome://flags/#tab-groups-save could be rolled out very soon in a future browser update.

If this function was available until now without working, it is perfectly functional in Chrome 101. Thus, when a group of tabs is saved, a button dedicated to it is added in the bookmarks bar and allows a single click to reopen all the tabs of the group.

For the rest, Google has corrected around thirty security vulnerabilities unearthed by security researchers external to Google.

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