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City of Bloomington Announces Collaboration with


Mayor John Hamilton said Fellows would help launch CiviForm at no cost, according to a press release by the city.

CiviForm is a tool developed by the City of Seattle and that aims to help residents access ministries through online applications and assistance programs.

According to the announcement, 12 Fellowship Google employees will work full-time with local government in a six-month partnership providing pro bono technical services to various nonprofit organizations and civic entities.


The press release says the fellowship regularly releases teams of Google employees to nonprofit organizations or civic entities for up to six months of full-time volunteer work.

“Google and the City of Bloomington share a commitment to creating opportunity for everyone,” said Rob Biederman, director of external affairs at Google. “By combining the best of Google’s technology expertise with the City’s knowledge of community needs, we hope to simplify the benefits application process for Bloomington residents. »

The City of Bloomington’s Information and Technology Services Department will lead the project alongside Bloomington Parks & Recreation. The program will emphasize public benefit programs such as the Parks Foundation Youth Scholarship and the ITS Surplus Computer Application Process. After the six-month term, the City will use CiviForm to improve access to other city services, according to the press release.

According to the press release, Google researchers have already conducted user interviews to understand customer needs and improve customer experience.

“This partnership can help our residents access and apply for municipal programs,” said Mayor Hamilton, “it can help municipal departments vet applicants fairly and consistently.” »



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