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Collapse of cryptos: the boss of Celsius at the heart of fake news?

Celsius, a ship without a captain? – Since Celsius Network (CEL) announced on blocking crypto-asset withdrawals of its customers on June 13, 2022, all kinds of rumors abound, especially those going in the direction of FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt). One of the latest rumors to date would have it that the CEO of Celsius tried to leave the ship. Little update on the situation!

Alex Mashinsky prevented from leaving the United States?

It’s been today 15 days that Celsius leaves its users in a blackout almost complete. Since Monday, June 13, the messages have become increasingly sporadic. As for the Twitter account of the founder and CEO of Celsius, Alex Mashinskylet’s not talk about it !

Finally Yes ! In fact, let’s talk about it! His last tweet of encouragement to reassure his community dates from June 15. Since ? Nothing more… Given the situation ofextreme feverishness of the crypto market, it was enough for rumors arise from this silence (rather unwelcome).

The crypto investor mike alfred even goes so far as to accuse the leader of Celsius of having wanted leave the United States to flee to Israel:

“(…) Alex Mashinsky tried to leave the country this week, via Morristown airport, but was stopped by the authorities. It is not known, for the moment, if he was arrested or simply prevented from leaving. Please contact me if you have more information on this! »

Mike Alfred accuses Alex Mashinsky of leaving the United States – Source: Twitter

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Celsius refutes the accusations: its CEO would be on the front line of the rescue

Faced with the seriousness of the accusations, the Celsius Network teams were quick to give their news this time. As reported in particular Coin Telegraph, a spokesperson for this centralized service of lending held on to refute everything in block :

“All Celsius employees – including our CEO – are focused and working hard to try to stabilize cash and operations. To that end, any reports that the Celsius CEO attempted to leave the United States are false. »

To our knowledge, no other sources nor concrete evidence have, for the moment, come to corroborate the statements of Mike Alfred. His claims are even considered by some to be pure FUD.

Even if the situation of Celsius Network seems indeed more than dangerousseveral large investors are very interested in retrieve this company, should it ever file for bankruptcy. This is the case of the multinational banking Goldman Sachs ready to raise $2 billion on the table to buy the assets of Celsius.

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