Covid-19: should we be wary of the new XE variant?

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The new XE variant has just been spotted in New Zealand. Two children under the age of 9 died.

Even if the restriction measures are lifted in Europe, the virus continues to spread thanks to new variants. The XE variant is a combination of two strains of Omicron (BA.1 and BA.2) considered “10% more contagious” than BA.2 by the WHO. The latter is already widespread: the United Kingdom has declared more than a thousand cases, Canada is also affected, as is Japan.

Present now on the other side of the world

New Zealand has just formalized its first case of the XE variant this Saturday, April 23. A case “imported” by a traveler from Europe, who landed in the country on April 19 before being tested (positive) on the 20th.

“XE is spreading across the world and its arrival in New Zealand was not expected,” the New Zealand Ministry of Health said in a statement.

Children also victims

55 travelers who tested positive are currently in isolation, according to an article by The Independent. Nearly 8,000 cases were detected in the country this Saturday, but also 19 deaths over the last 7 days. Worse still, two children under the age of 9 died as a result of their contamination.

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