Covid-19: soon a universal vaccine against all coronaviruses?

Covid-19: soon a universal vaccine against all coronaviruses?
scientists are working on a vaccine capable of countering all coronaviruses, including those to come. © Adobe stock

Updating vaccines as soon as a new variant emerges is a losing race according to some scientists. Rather, they lean towards a universal vaccine against all forms of current and future Coronaviruses.

“New variants will appear every three or six months. »

Drew Weissman, of the University of Pennsylvania, judges the strategy of the laboratories lost in advance. Rather than adapting vaccines to variants that are already claiming victims, he is working with his team on a universal vaccine against all forms of coronavirus. For this, he seeks whole virus fragments that cannot mutate easily. An arduous task because the virus is constantly mutating. Moreover, this is the reason why new variants appear and will continue to appear “every three or six months”, he specifies to Agence France Presse (AFP).

The virus bypasses the immunity acquired through vaccines

After more than two years in contact with humans, thea Covid-19 bypasses immunity today acquired through vaccines. This is what has already happened with influenza viruses “which require a serum modified each year observes Drew Weissman.

Fight against all coronaviruses

Covid-19 is the third coronavirus to jump from animals to humans after SARS in 2002 and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in 2012, AFP journalists report. The American biotech VBI Vaccines is targeting these three coronaviruses in the search for a universal vaccine. “We try toteach the immune system to develop the variations of the virus that he is able to ‘see’ from the start,” Francisco Diaz-Mitoma, VBI’s chief medical officer, told AFP.

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