Covid: What is this new remedy capable of neutralizing all variants?

American scientists have identified a remedy called “Darpins”, capable of neutralizing the different strains of Covid.

Since the start of the pandemic, the Covid-19 would have caused the death of more than 6 million of people. If the vaccine succeeded in curbing the transmission of the virus, the appearance of new variants remains a constant risk.

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But the discovery of American scientists could well change things. They would have succeeded in creating modified proteins called “Darpins” effective against all variants of the Covid.

What is this famous remedy?

These would be genetically modified proteins, with an action similar to those of antibody humans. called “Darpins”these proteins would therefore be able to attack the different strains of Covid.

Published in Biorxiv, the study reports that Darpin SR16m and FSR22: show a large degree of neutralization of the coronavirus strains”.

Impressive results

Tested on mice, this remedy would allow them to lose a lot less weight.

Moreover, the viral load identified in their airways was between 10 and 100 times lower than without the Darpins.

The terapia #covid ‘panvariante’, más cerca u27a1ufe0f inhaled y 300 veces más potente

Investigators discover proteins that, genetically modified, loggran anular el escape inmunitario del #virus

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— Redaccion Medica (@redaccionmedica) June 2, 2022

A next miracle drug?

This discovery would therefore make it possible to produce medications capable of neutralizing all Covid strainsmuch more efficiently than the vaccines currently.

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Elsewhere, El Periodico reports that the Darpins could be effective against future variants of the Covid still unknown.

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