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Crypto mining: Can you mine crypto with your car? Here’s what you would win

Spiritus is a fully electric three-wheeler that comes in two trim levels: Deluxe and Ultimate. Both VEs can mine cryptocurrencies.

It is in terms of cost that the two models diverge the most. The Deluxe is priced at $22,995, while the Ultimate is $149,000. The Ultimate however comes with additional technologies like wireless charging, autonomous driving, carbon fiber bodywork, and others.

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Both vehicles can mine and come with a cryptocurrency wallet. Owners can engage in mining while their vehicle is stationary. The car is capable, according to the Canadian manufacturer, of undermining the BitcoinEthereum, Dogecoin, Cardano and more.

The manufacturer hasn’t commented much on mining capabilities, but speculation has it that the vehicle has the hashrate of a Antminer S17+.

Mining Ethereum with his Tesla?

A Tesla owner, Siraj Raval, told CNBC that he was mining ETH with his car. And it claimed to generate up to $800 per month.

On his Apple Mac mini M1, he installed free mining software, and powered the machine by connecting an inverter to the 12-volt outlet in the center console.

He has fixed graphics processing units (GPUs) in the trunk of the Tesla, which he powers with the internal battery.

Raval says it’s worth it, even if it risks breaking his vehicle’s warranty.

However, these performances were denied by another miner named Thomas Somers, interviewed by CNBC. According to him, his configuration is only capable of delivering up to 7-10 Mh/s. According to Etherscan, such abilities only earn the miner about $13 per month at ETH’s price of $3149 at the time of the interview.

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