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Crypto payment: Paying your football ticket with the Shiba Inu (SHIB) – it’s now possible

On Thursday June 2, the Brazilian Football Club of São Paulo announced via the fan-partner page that purchases are now possible in cryptocurrencies. The operation is implemented by its sponsor Bitso and also concerns the memecoin shiba inu

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The purchases in question mainly concern tickets for matches at the club’s stadium, Morumbi. To take advantage of this offer, however, users will need to register as a fan member to pay in cryptocurrency. As a reminder, São Paulo FC is one of the most successful Brazilian football clubs in the country, with 6 Brazilian league titles and its enclosure can accommodate up to 72,000 spectators.

With this breakthrough, São Paulo, one of Brazil’s most historic and accomplished teams, became the first team in the country to accept cryptocurrencies.

Payments processed by Bitso

The football club announced the news a few days ago on their official Twitter account. According to the article, the payment will be processed by crypto exchange Bitso, an official sponsor of São Paulo.

This means that program members Socio Torcedor de Sao Paulo can now buy tickets for their team’s matches using SHIB crypto. Bitso started offering Shiba Inu trading on its platform in early January 2022.

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A tweet from Socio Torcedor also shows that the BitPay service has also been adopted by the football team. São Paulo FC also accepts SHIB through BitPay. The latter, which is a big player in cryptocurrency payment, began accepting Shiba Inu at the end of 2021, which allows SHIB to be spent with hundreds of merchants who have adopted this supplier.

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