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Cryptocurrency crash: FTX won’t buy Celsius

Celsius, abandoned by all? – The situation has still not improved for Celsius Networksince this service lending centralized has blocked withdrawals of crypto-assets of its users on June 13. However, rumors lent to the platform FTX the will to redeem the company in decline. But the crypto-stock market does not seem to want to take the risk in the end.

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FTX leaks Celsius and its $2 billion hole in the racket

Whereas FTX and morgan creek are very interested in redeem the service of lending BlockFiit is not the same atmosphere on the side of Celsius. Unlike other crypto companies struggling with falling crypto markets, no one seems willing to reach out to him.

It must be said that the company specializing in crypto lending / borrowing would have a huge hole $2 billion in its balance sheet, according to a publication by The Block. It would be this particular information that would have discouraged the FTX platform from the takeover of Celsius.

An acquisition that would have been seriously considered for a while, according to two unnamed sources cited by The Block. But not to mention full redemption, even the option of a ready to Celsius now appears to have been ruled out by FTX.

The Celsius teams would like to leave. It would then be restructure of their society. However, lawyers would rather advise on their side a bankruptcy. Any fake news, like the one about Alex Mashinsky (CEO of Celsius), is immediately turned into FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt).

If Celsius were to be forced into bankruptcy, vulture funds would be willing to buy back its assets. It is also the mega-bank Goldman Sachs who organizes a fundraising of 2 billion dollars for this sole purpose. If no one comes to the aid of Celsius, then the vultures may soon be able to feast.

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