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Cryptocurrency theft is exploding this year, what’s going on?

It is research that is clearly chilling. The Atlas VPN company has just published an interesting but also very alarming study for the cryptocurrency sector. Thus, nearly 2 billion dollars (1.97 billion exactly) of digital currencies were stolen by hackers during the first six months of the year.

Incidents and thefts of cryptocurrencies on multiply

The analysts provide some additional details on the various ecosystems most affected. The first of these is Ronin attached to the Ethereum protocol. We remember that about 600 million dollars were stolen on this platform.

On a more global level, the Ethereum blockchain seems to have been a prime target for malicious actors since a billion dollars worth of cryptocurrency was stolen from it during 32 events. It should also be noted that the Solana ecosystem was not spared by these hacks with $383 million in stolen digital currencies.

Finally, and this is clearly not good news, experts noted 79 major hacking events in the first quarter and 96 for the second this year, which represents a significant increase compared to the first half of 2021.

Cryptocurrency thefts are sometimes carried out as part of very sophisticated scams. We recently told you about these scams carried out on the LinkedIn social network. The hacker first contacts his target on the service’s messaging system. He then offers him a lucrative investment via an investment in crypto. This is therefore done on a legitimate platform, and the placement is really lucrative.

But it is after a few months that the trap closes. Feeling totally confident and having forged sometimes very close ties with the scammer, the victim is then offered to place his money on a new platform. He then disappears instantly and his interlocutor no longer gives any news.



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