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Tesla is preparing a brand new electric car: the Model 2. The first information on this new model dates from the beginning of 2022, but the indiscretions begin to settle over the weeks, so that it becomes possible to establish a robot portrait of the vehicle. The Tesla Model 2 will definitely be a cheaper family autonomous vehicle than the current Tesla offering. The brand is indeed aiming for the symbolic threshold of 25,000 dollars.

The first mentions of the new vehicle date from battery day by Tesla in 2020 in the midst of a pandemic. The event had notably unveiled the future of Tesla batteries, with in particular the new so-called 4680 cells, which are cheaper to manufacture and can deliver increased energy storage density.

What does the design of the Tesla Model 2 look like?

Tesla hasn’t officially unveiled the Model 2 design. But multiple sources say the automaker has completed the vehicle’s design in China – Weibo account 不是郑小康 usually knowledgeable about the automaker’s plans confirms that negotiations with various spare parts suppliers have already taken place, and that the brand should carry out a pre-production test at the end of 2022.

Tesla had organized a contest in China in January 2020 on social networks, which had resulted in several interesting proposals including this one:


The Top Electric YouTube channel also includes these sketches:

Tesla Model 2 top electric youtube

© Top Electric via YouTube

The same YouTube channel also offers this other rendering:

Tesla Model 2 rendering

© Top Electric via YouTube

Is the $25,000 car really called Model 2…or Model Q?

Obviously, as far from the presentation of the car at 25,000 dollars promised by Elon Musk, it is difficult to say with certainty what its commercial name will be. Especially since Elon Musk himself blurs the tracks when asked about the subject. The first thing we notice is that for the first Tesla cars, Elon Musk adopted a naming convention that aims to form the word “Sexy” (S3XY).

The Model 3 was originally to be called Model E but had to change its name because the brand was already used by Ford. But since Tesla finally has all the letters of the word “sexy” other vehicles have been announced. In particular the Cybertruck, and the Tesla Roadster, whose names do not seem to have any connection with the characteristic letters of the four other models. The Model 2 is a more classic vehicle than the Roadster and Cybertruck and therefore we expect a name that is more like the first series.

However, we note that on the sidelines of the announcement of the Tesla 2021 financial results, Elon Musk had declared “Model 2 is not a car. The Model 2 does not exist” suggesting that the entrepreneur has other naming ideas in mind. You will also often come across the name “Model Q” when talking about this vehicle. However, it should be noted that this name is not taken from any indiscretion from Tesla. In fact, we owe it to a designer Carforce247, author of vehicle renderings, who called his renderings of his Model 2 “Model Q”. However, for the moment we are talking about “Model 2” for simplicity.

When is the Tesla Model 2 released?

For the time being Tesla has not revealed exactly when the famous Model 2 will be put on the market. We can nevertheless expect that the vehicle will not really be marketed before 2023 or even 2024. The firm must before that deliver two other vehicles announced in recent years: the Tesla Roadster, and the Tesla Cybertruck.

We also note that in 2020, Elon Musk teased a launch “in three years” and that when announcing the 2021 financial results Elon Musk had indicated that the firm did not plan to launch a new vehicle immediately: “We’re not working on our $25,000 car yet. We will at one point or another, but we already have a lot of work to do at the moment, not to say a bit too much to be completely frank”.

In addition, Tesla has already announced that the autonomous dimension of this vehicle will be central. It is therefore difficult to imagine the brand launching this car before being able to certify a level 4 or 5 system (complete autonomy). To date, Teslas are certified for level 2 autonomous driving with level 3 in some cases.

What is the price of the Tesla Model 2?

Tesla is aiming for a retail price of $25,000, but the brand isn’t guaranteed to quite hit that mark. Especially since it remains to be determined how this price will translate into euros. Tesla is present with factories directly in markets that are important to it. We can therefore imagine that this global presence, at this stage, could facilitate economies of scale. Especially as the brand masters the battery manufacturing process.

Still, to date such a vehicle still represents a real challenge for Tesla because all the technologies that the manufacturer intends to integrate (in particular level 4 or 5 fully autonomous driving) are not 100% ready. It also seems unthinkable to launch a fully autonomous vehicle if most of the important markets for the manufacturer have not yet had the time to adapt their traffic rules. We bet, however, that the situation will change by the vehicle’s release date around 2023 and 2024.

What is the Model 2 spec sheet?

Precise information is beginning to fall on the technical characteristics of the Model 2. First, we know that this car will be fully autonomous when it is released – either level 4 or 5 autonomous driving. Which means that Tesla has yet to demonstrate and certify its technology while in 2022 its cars mostly have level 2 autonomy at the moment. This feature alone would reduce “by 4 or 5” the cost of local transport according to the entrepreneur. We therefore imagine that upon its release the Model 2 will be compatible with a robotaxi system.

Some even suggest that the car (or at least some variants) will be sold without a steering wheel or pedals. Which would be a real leap into the future. The vehicle, rather at the intersection between a family car and a more compact, city car, should share some of its spare parts with the Model 3 and Model Y to reduce costs. It should also benefit from a reduction in the number of spare parts to more easily reach the target price.

What is the range of the Tesla Model 2?

It is possible that Tesla will not use its new 4680 batteries in the Model 3. The brand would have ordered in October 2021 more than 10 GWh of flat batteries manufactured by BYD. The manufacturer would have chosen so-called LFP (Lithium – iron – phosphate) batteries which retain more energy even after several years. Note however that at this stage, the use of such batteries in the Model 2 is not confirmed. The use of 4680 cells presented at Battery Day 2020 remains possible in the final product – more information will surface on this point in the coming months.

According to several sources, Tesla should offer battery packs in the range of 45-50 kWh delivering a range of 400 km. Which more or less the same autonomy as the Renault 5, expected as one of the most convincing competitors of this vehicle. What do you think of this Model 2 and its potential price of $25,000? A bargain in a period of exploding prices at the pump? Share your opinion in the comments.

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