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Death of Bitcoin – Haters rub their hands

federate, repress – This crypto conference has a special flavor. Crypto-skeptics meet at the first organized event, to bring the community together.

Anti-crypto fight: all roads lead to lawmakers

Of the voice, she affirms that they have some. She rises “and policy makers listen to us ! “, Amy Castor spoke. She is a journalist, and is one of the fervent opponents of cryptocurrencies.

In an article dated July 3, published on her site, Amy Castor highlights an anti-crypto resistance that is getting organized, with its feats of arms.

“Asking U.S. lawmakers to crack down on the crypto industry » : this sentence summarizes the main objective of the actions of the community. Everything converges towards this focal point, no matter what form the means used to achieve it may take.

A letter signed by news and academics to criticize cryptocurrencies and blockchain, or an appearance before the Science and Technology Committee of the UK House of Commons, thus serve the same cause.

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DeFi collapse on menu at Crypto Policy Symposium

The bears are growling, it’s time to rally. To each his own voice, his way, but the paths of crypto-skeptics will cross at Crypto Policy Symposium scheduled for September 5 and 6, in London and online. Cryptocurrency attacks will receive a standing ovation there.

The Crypto Policy Symposium is hosted by software engineer and co-author of Popping the Crypto BubbleStephen Diehl, and by the director of the Center for Evidence-Based ManagementMartin Walker.

Participants will have the opportunity to meet beautiful people. Stephen Diehl and Martin Walker invited the FCA, ECB, IMF, SEC, Finma, and Bafin.

The presentations as a starter, the motivations for the main course! The event would aim to make listen to reason to ill-informed politicians, who do not listen only to lobbies funded by “deep-pocketed crypto companies”, with the complicity of venture capitalists.

And if not digestible for cryptophiles, the buffet is well stocked with the favorite subjects of crypto-skeptics: intervention by experts, a dozen 45-minute panels, on subjects such as the environmental impact of Bitcoin ( BTC) or the collapse of DeFi.

The conference organizers should also consider inviting Bill Gates. The billionaire will then have the opportunity to develop the biggest fool theory applied to cryptocurrencies.

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