Dgenious, a turnkey “Google Analytics” for chain stores

Thanks to a clear aggregate of strategic data from multiple sources, the Brussels solution has already convinced brands such as Jeff de Bruges, Sequoia and Färm.

What is the top-selling item per store per hour? Which consumer entered and when was their last visit? Who are the customers who saw product x in the newsletter and then bought it in the following week and in which outlet? What time was the last croissant sold? The list of questions asked by retail players is longif not even infinite.

However, the answers that can be given are sometimes short., or even non-existent. In question? A glaring lack of agility to juggle the various computer systems (cash registers, stocks, ERP, etc.) used at all levels of the chain and the mountain of data that emanates from it.

This is where an actor like dgenious comes in.. Created in 2018, the tool is a kind of Google Analytics for retailers. In other words, he easily allows everyone who wants it, from the store manager to the sales manager, to go and see in the granularity of what are the real and live behaviors of their customers.

Simple on paper, it is nevertheless a major innovation for the sector. Indeed, “to date, they often had to wait for the feedback of specialists on a given questionwithout being able to obtain other additional answers to new questions that would have followed the receipt of the results”, indicates Gaëlle Helsmoortel, CEO. Here, the approach is instantaneous and automated. After a personalized development in less than 30 days, the client is offered access to this key decision-making center on the doorstep.



The Brussels scale-up has some 4,000 users to date.

In four years of activity, the approach hit the mark for the Brussels scale-up to 4,000 users today. Judge rather, with regard to its customers: Jeff of Brugge (500 stores, France), Eldora (125 company canteens, Switzerland), Optisport (117 sports centres, the Netherlands), Farm (25 organic supermarkets, Brussels and surroundings) or even Sequoia (20 organic supermarkets, Brussels and surroundings) use the platform.


To continue this momentummarked by a loss of customers (or “churn” in the jargon) zero to date, a fundraising has also just been finalized, we learned. Rising? 1.5 million euros. The operation was subscribed by its historical shareholders (since the raising of one million last July), namely finance&invest.brussels and The Factory Fund of EVS co-founder Pierre L’Hoest, but also by new ones. This is how they now enter the capital the ScaleFund of the BeAngels business angel network, as well as Pierre-Olivier Beckers.


million euros

dgenious has just raised 1.5 million euros notably from the ex-boss of Delhaize, Pierre-Olivier Beckers.

On the dgenious side, these fresh capital will be used a dual objective. “On the one hand, they will allow the Business Development through partnerships; on the other hand, they will contribute to the financing of technological evolution solution,” says Gaëlle Helsmoortel, who spent most of her career at L’Oréal, before joining the project launched by one of her fellow sales engineers from Ichec.


This comrade is Antoine Lebacq. A Belgian expatriate in Switzerland, he opened a Patagonia franchise store ten years ago before encountering the typical problems of the sector. “I wanted to know which customers had not come recently, which had bought a jacket but not the matching pants. But I did not find the effective tool to analyze my sales in detail”, confided to us there is little. This is how he decided to create it, with a strong interest in technology. Gaëlle Helsmoortel will join him soon enough to take care of the commercial part, then take the reins of the project.

Housed in the shared offices of Silversquare Louise, the team now numbers ten peoplemainly active in R&D and data. Salespeople should be committed in the short term.

The summary

  • Dgenious easily allows anyone who wants to see in detail what are the real and live behaviors of customers.
  • The Brussels solution is already used by Jeff de Bruges, Färm and Sequoia.
  • To continue to grow, it has just raised 1.5 million euros notably from the ex-CEO of Delhaize, Pierre-Olivier Beckers.

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