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Discover Google’s Cultural Institute With The Google Art Project Chrome Extension

Google offers several services to make things easier for people who can’t do certain things. For example, you may not be able to explore the world, but you love the artworks of traditional painters around the world and want to explore various museums to see them. To do this particular thing from the comfort of your couch, Google has a very useful online service for you called Google Art Project. Google Art Project helps people see works of art by popular painters and check which works have secured a position in various museums.

Google Art Project Chrome extension

You can only head to this page to check all the things that are uploaded to enrich this project. However, what if you want to get a browser extension so you can see famous works of art at all times? It’s here that Google Art Project Chrome extension You can install this Chrome extension and explore the Google Cultural Institute right from your browser’s new tab page.


This is a very easy to use Google Art Project Chrome extension. An interesting feature of this extension is that it will cover the new tab page with a popular painting. Apart from that, you can find various options like Partners, Projects, Artists, Mediums, Art Movements, Historical Events, Places, etc. All these categories will allow you to browse the Google Cultural Institute without any problem.

For your information, Google is affiliated with several famous museums, including Alte Nationalgalerie (Berlin), Frick Collection (New York), Museo Reina Sofia (Madrid), etc. You can find a huge list of affiliated museums in the The partners tongue. Additionally, Google has initiated several projects under the Google Art Project. All including Chinese Handicraft Art, Loire Castle, Black History and Culture etc. can be found under Projects tongue.

Suppose you know some names of popular painters. If so, you can find your favorite artist in the Artists tongue. The Mediums tab represents the theme material used in a table. For example, some paintings are water paintings, and some of them were done with ink, clay, metal, etc. You can find various other mediums in this section.

Just like the options mentioned above, you can find other categories. Just browse the category you like to find the best painting or artwork you want to see on your monitor.

If you sign in to your Google account, you can mark art as a favorite – and it will help you find your favorite painting in the future. If you love art, you want to check out this extension.

Download the Google Art Project Chrome extension from here.

Google Art Project Chrome extension lets you explore the Google Cultural Institute



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