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Djokovic joins Kyrgios in the final, matches and live results

WIMBLEDON. In the semi-final this Friday, July 8, Novak Djokovic did not tremble against Briton Cameron Norrie. In the final on Sunday, the Serb will find Australian Nick Kyrgios, who took advantage of Rafael Nadal’s package. Follow Wimbledon 2022 live scores.

The essential

  • Novak Djokovic qualified for the Wimbledon final by defeating Briton Cameron Norrie (2-6, 6-3, 6-2, 6-3). Sunday July 10, the Serb will challenge the Australian Nick Kyrgios, who took advantage of Rafael Nadal’s withdrawal, to qualify for his first Grand Slam final. For the last match of the day on the London turf, Mertens – Zhang and Collins – Krawczyk are fighting for a place in the women’s doubles final.
  • In the women’s draw, the final is already known: the Tunisian Ons Jabeur, who defeated the German Tatjana Maria in three sets (6-2, 3-6, 6-1) on Thursday, will face Saturday July 9 in the final of this edition 2022 of Wimbledon the Kazahkstanaise Elena Rybakina, who strolled against the Romanian Simona Halep (6-3, 6-3).
  • Follow with us live and in full Wimbledon 2022, the third Grand Slam tournament of the year, with all the scores of the matches live.


20:54 – Mertens – Zhang take the lead (6-2, 3-6, 4-3)

There has still been no break point in this decisive 3rd round. At this rate, we’re headed for a great tiebreak!

8:49 p.m. – Collins and Krawczyk respond with a shutout (6-2, 3-6, 3-3)

The players are in difficulty on the returns. The servers took confidence.

20:48 – Mertens – Zhang validate a white game (3-2)

Confidence at its highest on the side of the Belgian and the Chinese!

8:48 p.m. – Collins and Krawczyk come back to match (6-2, 3-6, 2-2)

We are approaching the middle of the 3rd set, and for the moment, the players are no longer able to obtain break points.

20:38 – Mertens – Zhang retain their service game (6-2, 3-6, 2-1)

The tension begins to mount on the Center Court. A Wimbledon final is being played and no one wants to let go of this grail.

20:35 – Collins and Krawczyk equalize (6-2, 3-6.1-1)

The American doublet has been on fire since halfway through the second set. They stand up to the best in the world on the circuit! It’s nice !

20:34 – Mertens – Zhang regain the lead at Wimbledon (6-2, 3-6, 1-0)

After the loss of the second heat, the Belgian and the Chinese calmed down the ardor of Collins and Krawczyk.

20:26 – Collins – Krawczyk equalize (6-2, 3-6)

Mertens – Zhang cracked in this second round. Everything remains open to join the Wimbledon ladies’ doubles final.

20:21 – Collins – Krawczyk makes the break (6-2, 3-5)

We felt that this match was turning. Mertens – Zhang concede their face-off and will have to fight to avoid a third round in this Wimbledon semi-final.

20:18 – Collins – Krawczyk install the mano a mano (6-2, 3-4)

All four players play really nice looking tennis. This Wimbledon semi-final is now on!

20:14 – Mertens – Zhang recover at Wimbledon (6-2, 3-3)

The Belgian and the Chinese recovered their ideas after losing two games. They discussed and decided to be more aggressive.

20:13 – Collins – Krawczyk take the lead in this 2nd set (6-2, 2-3)

They regained confidence on their unbreak. They try and succeed a lot more. Wimbledon is racing for this ladies’ doubles!

20:08 – Collins – Krawczyk manage to unbreak (6-2, 2-2)

They had been buried, yet they raise their heads and fight to try to reverse the trend. Everything remains to be done in this 2nd set.

20:05 – Mertens – Zhang make a white break (6-2, 2-1)

It is hard to see how the Collins – Krawczyk doublet will be able to restore suspense in this meeting…

20:01 – Mertens – Zhang equalize (6-2, 1-1)

For the moment, they still have not conceded a break point on their commitment.

19:59 – Collins – Krawczyk raise their heads (6-2, 0-1)

They saved a break point, but managed to race up front against Mertens and Zhang.

19:55 – Mertens – Zhang are one set away from a Wimbledon final (6-2)

In this first round, the Belgian and the Chinese crunched the duo Collins – Krawczyk. The latter reacted at the end of the set, but they were not able to break the world No. 1 pair.

19:47 – Collins – Krawczyk continues to believe (5-2)

Even if this first set is strongly compromised, they show character to maintain hope.

19:46 – Mertens and Zhang are unplayable at Wimbledon (5-1)

The immediate response of the world’s No. 1 doublet! They are heading for the win of the first set.

19:44 – Collins – Krawczyk stops the bleeding at Wimbledon (4-1)

Finally, they managed to win their service game. The start of a new game? We hope so for the suspense!

19:37 – The Mertens-Zhang pair is in steamroller mode at Wimbledon (4-0)

They largely took over Collins – Krawczyk. The latter seem paralyzed by the challenge! A final at Wimbledon is flying away.

19:33 – Kyrgios had a “bad night” after Rafael Nadal’s withdrawal

In a press conference, the Wimbledon finalist opened up: “I thought about it last night. I was in a good routine until then. Of course, people think it gives me an extra day off. But for the organism, it is a shock. So today (Friday July 8, 2022) I’m going to try to train more. In Grand Slams, you need to play these matches to get the adrenaline. But I will have to play the final without having had the experience of the half. At the same time, it is not bad to let the body rest. I had a very bad night. I only slept for an hour. I was already so nervous, when usually I’m not. I hope I’ll sleep better tonight.”

19:32 – Mertens – Zhang unfolds at Wimbledon (3-0)

The pair has just taken a double break ahead! For the moment, the clash against Collins – Krawczyk turns to the demonstration.

19:27 – Mertens – Zhang confirms their break (2-0)

This Wimbledon semi-final is off to a good start for the world No. 1 pair. Collins and Krawczyk must react.

19:26 – Mertens – Zhang and Collins – Krawczyk play a place in the women’s doubles final at Wimbledon

At the start of the game, Mertens – Zhang made the difference. They have a break lead (1-0).


What are the results of Wimbledon 2022?

Throughout the fortnight of Wimbledon 2022 (June 27 – July 10), find all the results of the British Grand Slam:

Men results

Women results

What are the draws for Wimbledon 2022?

The draw for the men’s and women’s draws for Wimbledon 2022 took place on Friday 24 June. Here are the finals of the men’s and women’s table:

Table men:

  • Final, July 10, 2022:
  • N. Djokovic (SRB, n°1) – N. Kyrgios

Table women:

  • Final, July 9, 2022:
  • O.Jabeur (TUN, n°3) – E.Rybakina (KAZ, n°17)

When is Wimbledon in 2022?

Wimbledon 2022 main draw matches started on Monday, June 27, 2022. The men’s final which will close the fortnight and the British Grand Slam is scheduled for Sunday July 10, 2022.

What program for Wimbledon in 2022?

At each ATP or WTA tournament, the match program is published the day before for the next day. But sometimes it can get messed up. Indeed, if the schedule for the start of the day is quite clear, it is very difficult to count on the exact time of the end of the matches. The main constraints for the organizers: the weather and the time of sunset. Note that there is a one hour time difference between the time zones of France and England. The program for Friday July 8, 2022:

  • Center Court
  • (from 7:20 p.m.)
  • E.Mertens (BEL, n°1) – S.Zhang (CHI, n°1) VS D.Collins (USA) – D.Krawczyk (USA)

What TV broadcast for Wimbledon?

No change at Wimbledon: BeIn Sport holds the Grand Slam TV rights until 2023. Broadcaster of the competition since 2014, the group offers for the eighth edition, the tournament to its subscribers in 2022 on its main channels but also on its additional channels.

What is the Wimbledon record?

Created in 1877 for men (in 1884 for women), the Wimbledon tournament is a historic tennis competition. Since the start of the Open Era in 1968, here is the list of winners of the men’s tournament:

  • 2021: Novak Djokovic
  • 2020: tournament canceled
  • 2019: Novak Djokovic
  • 2018: Novak Djokovic
  • 2017: Roger Federer
  • 2016: Andy Murray
  • 2015: Novak Djokovic
  • 2014: Novak Djokovic
  • 2013: Andy Murray
  • 2012: Roger Federer
  • 2011: Novak Djokovic
  • 2010: Rafael Nadal
  • 2009: Roger Federer
  • 2008: Rafael Nadal
  • 2007: Roger Federer
  • 2006: Roger Federer
  • 2005: Roger Federer
  • 2004: Roger Federer
  • 2003: Roger Federer
  • 2002: Lleyton Hewitt
  • 2001: Goran Ivanisevic
  • 2000: Pete Sampras
  • 1999: Pete Sampras
  • 1998: Pete Sampras
  • 1997: Pete Sampras
  • 1996: Richard Krajicek
  • 1995: Pete Sampras
  • 1994: Pete Sampras
  • 1993: Pete Sampras
  • 1992: Andre Agassi
  • 1991: Michael Stitch
  • 1990: Stefan Edberg
  • 1989: Boris Becker
  • 1988: Stefan Edberg
  • 1987: Pat Cash
  • 1986: Boris Becker
  • 1985: Boris Becker
  • 1984: John McEnroe
  • 1983: John McEnroe
  • 1982: Jimmy Connors
  • 1981: John McEnroe
  • 1980: Bjorn Borg
  • 1979: Bjorn Borg
  • 1978: Bjorn Borg
  • 1977: Bjorn Borg
  • 1976: Bjorn Borg
  • 1975: Arthur Ashe
  • 1974: Jimmy Connors
  • 1973: Jan Kodes
  • 1972: Stan Smith
  • 1971: John Newcombe
  • 1970: John Newcombe
  • 1969: Rod Laver
  • 1968: Rod Laver


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