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Does Tesla have the worst semi-autonomous driving on the market? (video)

You know the nerds’ appetite for the Tesla brand, some also criticize us for mentioning Elon Musk’s company too much in our columns, even though these topics often register our best audience – like what!

Tesla, the benchmark for electric cars

But if you regularly follow our electric car tests, you know how agnostic we are when it comes to electric vehicles : If Tesla remains the reference on many levels, such as efficiency, autonomy, consumption, engine power or space on board (for luggage in particular), the brand is far from dominating all areas!

If we are interested to the quality of the finish, for the price the Germans often do better. Our European brands also offer many options completely unavailable from Tesla in the same price ranges, such as massaging and ventilated seats, matrix LED lights, rear wheel steering, controlled suspension (Tesla only offers it on the S and X models), the trunk opens at the foot….

And even technologically, capacitive steering wheel, head-up display, 360 camera, CarPlay, Waze, AppleTV+, rear camerareverse charging (V2L), charging at 800V (0-80% in 18 minutes)… Tesla is far from ahead on all fronts, which is quite good for the competition.

2013: leader without competition

Historically seen, Tesla was the first manufacturer to offer one Autopilot, a semi-autonomous driving system that allows you to let go of the wheel, or rather let the car drive while remaining alert in the event that the robot loses its pedals. Between 2013 and 2016, this system says ADAS is not developed in-house but by Mobileye, an Intel subsidiary since 2017.

Does Tesla have the worst semi-autonomous driving on the market?  (video)

In those years, the competition simply couldn’t keep up. It will be necessary to wait until the years 2016/2017 for Volvo, Mercedes or the Volkswagen Group finally offer decent level 2 autonomous driving, even though Tesla has been working on FSD – 100% autonomous driving – for several years.

Does Tesla have the worst semi-autonomous driving on the market?  (video)

FSD is still in beta at the time of writing these lines., and under legal restrictions: In e.g. In Europe, it is not yet possible to have a 100% autonomous car in public spaces, although the technology seems almost ready. In the US, the law allows cars (in some states) to drive without a driver, although there are also plenty of restrictions. If Tesla seems to be the only one offering a public beta to its customers, Google, Apple and the historical manufacturers have been taking advantage of these large spaces, where the rules are easier, to conduct tests for several years already.

A VPN, useful in a Tesla?


In your Tesla, you already know that you can connect to Netflix, Disney+ and even other services through the browser… but did you know that it was possible to access new content? The trick is to use the car’s WiFi and connect it to your phone.

Does Tesla have the worst semi-autonomous driving on the market?  (video)

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Does Tesla have the worst semi-autonomous driving on the market?  (video)

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Does Tesla have the worst semi-autonomous driving on the market?  (video)

On the occasion of this video and only through our link, you can even enjoy a huge discount as well as 4 months free on the 2-year subscription, which is equivalent to paying €2.88/month, that’s the price of a coffee a month! You will of course find the link to use it in the description! It’s fulfilled or refunded for 30 days, so don’t hesitate and thank NordVPN for sponsoring the video.

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Autopilot’s victim of its implementation?

To test virtually every semi-autonomous driving system on the market, I have to face the facts: Tesla is no longer the undisputed leader, far from it! This feeling is not isolated, most of my journalist colleagues or specialist YouTubers have made the bitter observation that the American brand has fallen seriously behind.

Does Tesla have the worst semi-autonomous driving on the market?  (video)

Before detailing the problem, it is important to clarify an important point: Autopilot remains one of the most reliable systems for semi-autonomous driving today. Despite the switch to all cameras (Tesla Vision), any good test journalist will tell you: when you activate the autopilot, you feel safe, much more than in any car, even if the top of it – German series (BMW, Mercedes ) sticks really well. It is enough to be a little afraid of Volvo, Polestar or even Hyundai or Renault/Peugeot (we could put all the brands here) to understand that these systems are still largely perfectable and often lack a sufficiently trained AI.

Autopilot’s concern is more about implementation. E.g, Tesla still doesn’t have a capacitive steering wheelit is necessary power running on the steering wheel to show the car that we are actually present behind the windscreen. But at Volkswagen (all brands combined) this technology is practically generalized on all models equipped with the option!

Tesla is punishing you!

Tesla is also the only manufacturer for you to punish ! If you don’t keep your hands on the steering wheel or don’t move steadily, the car will cut off autopilot for the rest of the drive. Obviously, you will have to stop to reset the autonomous driving – a real infantilization of a customer who has paid anyway for a function that he cannot take full advantage of. that the problem is that this punishment is not always justified : you accelerate a little too hard punished!you scratch your head with your right arm punished!not kicking the wheel hard enough every 10 seconds? punished! Tesla uses the small cabin camera in advance to analyze your driving position, and the errors are numerous, which leads to annoying the driver quite quickly.

Does Tesla have the worst semi-autonomous driving on the market?  (video)

Conversely, you have no option to punish the car if it behaves incorrectly. For example, when overtaking a vehicle (especially heavy trucks) that is slightly too far to the left of their lane, The Tesla will often crash for no reason and stay in the left lanebehind the vehicle. Unfortunately, these phantom brakes are quite commonsometimes for no apparent reason: tunnel exit, the shadow of a bridge…

Some clients feared for their livesand others have simply caused an accident if the car behind you has not braked in time. In some countries, these small defects are even subject to prosecution…

Does Tesla have the worst semi-autonomous driving on the market?  (video)

Lately, by activating the Autopilot, the Tesla also activates the automatic headlights! Problem, these don’t work, or rather, not well enough. The registration system for vehicles driving ahead does not see half of the drivers, which generates irritation and repeated flashing of the headlights. Only solution, disable the automatic headlights every time… which means, at every lane change, if you don’t have the option Improved autopilot.

The improved autopilot, way too expensive

This is the main flaw of the autopilot: by default, it disconnects at every lane change. If you double you fall back, it has to be reactivated twice! And every time! There’s no car on the market that disables the feature like this – a way to force you to take the option, no doubt, but what Tesla offers doesn’t allow you to change lanes like that.manual anyway.

Does Tesla have the worst semi-autonomous driving on the market?  (video)

Other nuisances during the overtaking phases the car does not accelerate, it tends to brake instead. Were you behind a heavyweight at 130 km/h? You’ll probably double it at 110km/h if you don’t accelerate manually! Nothing really dramatic, but the competition often makes it possible to change lanes by accelerating.

Does Tesla have the worst semi-autonomous driving on the market?  (video)

A recent update on the hardware side (removing speed cameras) and software (disabling speed cameras for vehicles with them) allows Autopilot to use cameras only for semi-autonomous driving. Tesla Vision still running in, but seems to work just as well as the predecessor that combined the two models. Problem, it is no longer possible to ask the car to get as close as possible to the vehicle in front of it (position 1) because Tesla still takes some time before offering the option again. In traffic jams, the space with the car in front is far too large, and it takes advantage of others to slip in front of you. Here, again, it would be interesting to know the legality of disabling an option that is nevertheless available for purchase and ends up being partially degraded in use.

Conclusion: worst behavior or worst implementation?

So, has Tesla become the scam for semi-autonomous driving?

As you can see in the video, the technology used remains reliable, much more reliable than many competitors in useand from this point of view, Elon Musk’s company maintains its lead… but for how long?

Does Tesla have the worst semi-autonomous driving on the market?  (video)

The real problem therefore lies primarily in the implementation. Despite fierce competition and flexibility in updates, it seems that the engineers did not find it useful to change certain behaviors of the car: accelerate during overtaking, keep autopilot when overtaking/retracting, do not punish the user all the time… Let’s hope this type of ticket can alert the manufacturer!

Finally, Tesla definitely needs to fix some bugs like phantom braking, automatic headlights… or bring the necessary hardware, like the capacitive steering wheel. In short, as dear Elon often says There is room for improvement (There is still room for improvement).

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