Does your 06 appear on Google? You can now have it removed

Google is giving its users more options to have personally identifiable information removed from their search. A measure that concerns telephone numbers, email addresses but also (and above all) physical addresses.

Google wants to prevent its search from displaying too much potentially sensitive personal information // Credit: Kai Wenzel / Unsplash

Because it is not always very pleasant to see your personal address or telephone number appear in clear text on Google, the American giant announces that it is now possible to have this sensitive information removed from search results. Each deletion request will be processed for a few days by Google, which wants to prevent potentially malicious people from finding data that can identify someone in a too personal way in a few clicks.

This announcement follows other measures deployed over the years by Google to purge the results of its search of the most sensitive data, such as bank details or credit card numbers, likely to be used for financial fraud, points out Android Authority. This week, the firm is therefore going a little further in this logic.

All deletion requests will not be systematically accepted…

The availability of personal contact information online can be shocking – and it can be used in harmful ways, including for unwanted direct contact or even physical harm. People have told us that they want to be able to remove this type of information from Search in certain cases. “Explained Google in particular in a blog note shared on April 27.

That said, not all queries will always be suppressed in search. Google will assess whether or not the request made limits the availability of useful information.

It should also be remembered that having personal data deleted from Google search is not the ultimate solution to protecting your information. They may indeed appear on other search engines. The best way to reduce the visibility of this information is to turn directly to the sites that host it. A more tedious process.

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