Earn free crypto: are you one of the lucky ones of the Optimism airdrop?

An airdrop for optimists – For more than a year, the Ethereum network has been the victim of significant congestion. Consequently, many second-layer solutions have emerged with the aim of deporting part of the transactions. Among them, we find the rising network Optimism which has just announced an airdrop.

Optimism announces its token

Initiated in 2019, Optimism is a second layer solution of Ethereum. Under the hood, it takes advantage of Optimistic Rollups to push transactions out of the mainnet.

It took until mid-2021 to see the Optimism mainnet deployed. Since then, it has grown significantly and now peaks at $800 million in TVL.

On the strength of this evolution, Optimism wishes to pass the second and comes ofannounce the upcoming launch of its own token. In addition, Optimism also informs about the creation of a decentralized governance for the protocol.

Entitled POthis new token will make it possible to participate in Optimism Collectivethe governing body of Optimism.

The total number of tokens has not yet been communicated. However, we know more about how these will be distributed.

Thus, all the tokens will be distributed according to 5 categories:

  • 25% for the ecosystem fund;
  • 19% will be distributed to users via multiple airdrops;
  • 19% will go to the project’s central contributors;
  • 17% to investors;
  • 20% will retroactively fund initiatives on Optimism.
Allocation of OP tokens – Source: documentation.

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A surprising governance model

Unlike most projects, Optimism will not rely solely on its OP token to provide governance.

Indeed, the governance body will be composed of two entitiesanalogous to the political bicameralism that we know, with the senate and the chamber of deputies.

In the case of Optimism, the governance body will consist of the “Token House” composed by the OP token holders. As well as the “Citizen House” composed of users who have been selected and hold “citizenship” in the form of NFTs.

Schematization of the two governance bodies.
Schematization of the two governance bodies.

A first airdrop for Optimism

As we discussed earlier, 19% of OP tokens will be distributed directly to users via a series of airdrops.

For the first airdrop, 5% of the supply will be distributed to addresses with:

  • Used Optimism;
  • Who contributes to their community in a positive way;
  • Are interested in L2 or have been excluded from L1.

In total, these are almost 300,000 addresses affected by this airdrop. The amount of that will vary between 254 and 1,500 OP depending on the type of address.

Statistics of the addresses affected by the airdrop.
Statistics of the addresses affected by the airdrop.

It is possible to test your eligibility via the official Optimism website. Attention, the airdrop has not yet taken place, be careful not to be fooled by fake airdrops trying to pretend to be Optimism.

In the meantime, if you’re not eligible, that’s okay, you’ll get another chance. In effect, more airdrops will be organized in the future. Then it may be the perfect time to use the second layer of Optimism to discover the solution and give yourself a chance to take advantage of the next airdrops.

For their part, Optimism’s competitors also continue to grow. So the giant MakerDAO recently unveiled plans to expand to the second layer of Starknet.

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