earthquake in Philly, the boss is on the sidelines

The day after Game 6 between Raptors and Sixers, Shams Charania – insider for The Athletic – announced the injury of Joel Embiid. The Cameroonian suffers from a fractured right orbit and mild concussion combo. He will be removed from the courts until further notice. With no return date given, the Sixers will likely face the Heat without their five-time All-Star. What distress.

You can blame a thousand people for a thousand mistakes – and in the first place wonder what Joel was still doing on the floor at +29 – but the result will always be the same. On a completely innocuous drive from Pascal Siakam, the strong winger’s left elbow fractured Joel Embiid’s orbit, that is to say the cavity in which the eye and its appendages are located . The first news, not very reassuring, comes to us from Shams Charania which specifies that no return date is communicated. The second, broadcast about 30 minutes after the first honking, is by Kyle Neubeck, the editor in charge of Sixers coverage for the local media. PhillyVoice. He adds – not without taking tweezers – that the Cameroonian’s injury would not require a priori surgery. His tweet, however, ends on a less optimistic note: “Whether that means he can return in the near future is another story.” It was said that Deandre Jordan was no longer able to play a Playoffs match, we will soon be fixed. As a fan, the narrow clarity of this first info is complicated to manage. Are we closer to the month of absence than the five days? In order to shed light on the cloudy controversy represented by an eye injury in the NBA, it is necessary to rely on the work of professionals. According to Jeff Stotts – injury analyst for RotoWire – the average recovery time in the regular season is ten games, a little less than a month of competition. A hell of a time that three days before Game 1 in Miami, Philly cannot afford.

“Orbit fractures are highly variable due to multiple factors, including the bones involved, possible displacement, fracture size, and soft tissue or eye damage. Surgery may be warranted if the damage is severe and a bone has shifted. –Jeff Stotts,

The most badass in this story is that Joel Embiid is accustomed to the fact. He had already fractured his orbit during the 2017-18 season and had thus missed 22 days of competition (eight regular season games and two Playoffs). But even today, to this orbital fracture is added a “mild concussion”. We don’t have the stethoscope around, huh, but it’s not the kind of accident that it’s good to accumulate. According to Ramona ShelburneJoel Embiid will be reevaluated next week. The concussion should rule it out at least five days of the floors. This duration of unavailability is of course independent of that linked to the ocular fracture. And besides, Shelburne brings another data on this subject: “There is no timetable yet for his return from injury but sources say ‘the door is not closed'”. We are therefore not heading towards an end to the season of Joel Embiid for sure, but everyone is aware that a missed game against the Heat is already one game too many. Especially since the internal rotation of Philly is more than limited, with Paul Reed increasingly empowered, but who will not hold the house alone. So it’s time to contact the best maskers in Pennsylvania. A scrap metal thing, even granite, as long as Joel Embiid plays.

Philadelphia earthquake, Joel Embiid is sent to the infirmary at the most important of times. It is now useless to hold it against anyone, but if the urge to go throw stones in the bay window of Doc Rivers takes you, we will not be able to stop you.

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