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Electra fundraising, the word of co-founder Aurélien de Meaux

Electra raises 160 million euros. The opportunity for us and for you to learn more and more about this efficient and innovative company, despite an increasingly competitive market.

Electra, vision and actions: what is the context of this fundraising?

Electra is revolutionizing electric vehicle charging with the installation of fast terminals in all large and medium-sized French cities. The customer journey has been completely reviewed to be simplified as much as possible with unique features on app and webapp.

Defining himself as the only French pure player actor in the fast charging market, the company will now be able to compete with the European platforms that have emerged in recent years. “Bringing out a French champion” is a real ambition for Electra.

After a first fine fundraising of €15M a year ago, when the company was still only an ambitious project, the company has just announced a second round of record financing up to 160 million euros to facilitate fast charging and thus encourage the switch to electric cars. Objective: to accelerate the network in France with fast charging points open to the public and to develop in Europe, starting with Belgium this year. Electra’s new roadmap is very ambitious, with 8,000 charging points planned for 2030, whereas last year it was aiming for 1,000 in the long term.

The trust of leading investors and partners to accelerate deployment

This raising of €160 million, carried out in equity, is the largest achieved by a French player in the heating sectorfast money and will allow Electra to deploy €300 million of Capex in the coming years. It is carried out with reference investors: Eurazeo, which is leading this round, RGREEN Invest, RIVE Private Investment, Serena, the Chopard Group, the SNCF Group (574 Invest) and RATP Capital Innovation.

Their support has given additional impetus to the intense development of the company at all levels over the past 18 months: from fully integrated technological innovations, to the chain opening of stations, through the multiplication of contract signatures with big names. asset management, retail, hospitality, automotive and fleets such as‘AccorInvest, Altarea Commerce, Indigo, Louvre Hotels Group, Primonial REIM France or the Chopard Group.

“This fundraising with reference investors, Eurazeo, which is leading this round, RGREEN Invest, RIVE Private Investment, Serena, the Chopard Group, the SNCF Group (574 Invest) and RATP Capital Innovation, will allow us to deploy our charging offer on a large scale., says Aurélien de Meaux, CEO Electra. Hence the importance of substantial investments…

Deploy hundreds of fast-charging stations in cities to meet exploding needs

The electric vehicle fleet is already dense with 600,000 vehicles in circulation and will grow strongly with an estimated 8 million in 2030. To cope with this, the charging infrastructure must also be developed significantly.

With this in mind, Electra is continuing to open stations in car parks open to the public in major French cities, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is now launching its development in Europe with the same energy. Objective : Deploy 300 charging points available by the end of 2022, 600 by the end of 2023 and more than 8,000 by 2030.

The word ofAurélien de Meaux, CEO Electra:

“Our sole objective is to offer a optimal charging experience by combining the best of digital and the best of infrastructure for a successful customer journey. We must offer innovations that improve the experience so that the electric vehicle is really attractive.” Creating enthusiasm for the electric car and erasing the reluctance of potential buyers, this is the objective that Electra has consistently displayed since the company was created.

To do this, Electra is focusing its efforts on two essential pillars: the customer charging experience and the rapid deployment of a network of fast charging stations combined with quality maintenance while ensuring optimal availability.

Remove the brakes on charging with a user experience that is as simplified as possible

In order to be able to charge as many cars as possible in a short time and with an innovative charging experience, Electra has chosen to develop a fleet of fast charging points (22 to 300 kW of power) accompanied by a proven maintenance system and a customer relations platform of 30 experts available 24/7.

Thus, Electra quickly became the largest fast charge team in France, bringing together “infratech” talents. For example, they have developed unique software bricks in-house to simplify the customer journey. In fact, 60% of electromobilists encounter difficulties when recharging (breakdowns, complicated payment, charging station already occupied, waiting too long, etc.).

But Electra also immediately focused on the fluidity of the service for the customer, through an application that was designed with userswhich automates and simplifies the charging process as much as possible: this is for example today the only operator to offer the reservation of terminals in advance. They are offered the closest terminal best suited to the vehicle, an estimate of the time and cost of recharging or even payment via the application, via a credit card or a recharging pass. Users can also track the charge on their laptop, which gives them peace of mind.

Finally, Electra offers a price per kWhat a single price that is fairer and clearer for the consumer. Up to 3,500 refills are carried out on average each month in Electra stations, with a forecast of 20,000 per month on average by the end of 2022.

The final word

“The Electra team and I want to accelerate the energy transition with the aim of quiet cars that significantly reduce carbon emissions and fine particles. HAS by 2030, the use of Electra charging stations should enable saving 4.4mbillion tons of C.” (Aurelien de Meaux)



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