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Electric car: bad surprise for this man after the revision of his Tesla

News hardware Electric car: bad surprise for this man after the revision of his Tesla

In the United States, the recent owner of a used Tesla Model S had a funny surprise when he got back into his vehicle after visiting a Tesla Center. You will see, it is a rather implausible story.

The “dumplings” made by Tesla

You probably know Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk. Renowned for its range of high-performance electric cars, the American firm, which generates billions of dollars, frequently finds itself at the heart of controversy. Remember during the presentation of the Cybertruck, you know, the famous supposedly armored electric pick-up which had failed miserably in the face of a petanque ball in 2019. We could also tell you about the time when Elon Musk had found it good to smoke a few drugs during a podcast hosted by Joe Rogan.

As you will have understood, the car manufacturer is rather familiar with “dumplings”, even if the latter only slightly tarnished its reputation. To give you an idea, Tesla earned nearly $2 billion in the last quarter. The brand therefore has no reason to play tricks on its users – well, that’s on paper.

As we know, Tesla is a war machine in the automotive industry, especially when it comes to electric vehicles. The remote software update system is also one of the great strengths of the brand, since it allows new features to be regularly introduced by activating hardware components that had been installed upstream at the factory. One of them even allows you to clamp or unclamp a vehicle, and this is precisely where the story of this American user begins.

Tesla really pisses me off sometimes.😡🧵 I have a customer who is the 3rd owner of a 2013 Model S 60. A few years ago the battery was upgraded under warranty with a 90 pack. not limited software. It was transformed in 90 by Tesla. Since then, the years have passed.

A bad surprise at almost $4500

The story, reported by Jason Hughes on his Twitter account, therefore begins when the owner of a used Tesla Model S decides to go to a Tesla Center to update his vehicle’s Internet connection – a rather benign intervention. After recovering his electric racing car, the principal concerned receives a call from the technicians stating that a configuration error had been corrected remotely. Following this, he quickly realizes that the autonomy of his vehicle has drastically decreased – about ⅓ – following this call. In all, the reprogramming made him lose nearly 128 km of autonomy.

You should know that the owner had purchased a Model S 90 kWh, which was previously a Model S 60 kWh. This improvement had been carried out legally and officially, thanks to the famous remote update software that we were talking about a little earlier, but also thanks to the original battery pack of the Model S – these were locked by software and could be extended afterwards for a fee. But in our man’s situation, there was no reason to back down.

After his discovery, the main interested party therefore approached Tesla so that the brand would return his vehicle to him in the state that was his before their intervention. Problem, the firm claims the modest sum of $ 4500 (4408 €) so that its Model S can regain its autonomy of yesteryear. Upon hearing the news, the owner decided to use the services of a specialized hacker – Jason Hughes to undo the clamping – but to no avail. His last solution was therefore to use the power of social networks and expose the case to the general public.

After stirring up the planet Twitter, the news eventually reached Tesla, who finally contacted the user to warn him that this misunderstanding would soon be history.



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