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Electric car: Volkswagen wants to beat Tesla with a French processor

News hardware Electric car: Volkswagen wants to beat Tesla with a French processor

Volkswagen wants to reduce its dependence on Asian companies, to the benefit of European companies. The automaker is therefore betting on a Franco-Italian microprocessor manufacturer.

Regain European autonomy

The German Volkswagen group has a clear objective for the future: to break away from Asian manufacturers as much as possible. Excellent news for STMicroelectronics which recovers a large contract. The Franco-Italian company aims to design an electronic chip dedicated to Volkswagen vehicles. This is already what Tesla does with its vehicles and it offers great control over production and costs.

Today, vehicles and in particular electric cars require a complex on-board computer that rivals some gaming PCs. Volkswagen is thus taking the turn a little late, but wants to look for Tesla in its sector.

The current semiconductor shortage is expected to last until 2024, some analysts say. Other solutions must therefore be found to compensate for supply shortfalls. The relocation of companies essential to electronics is today one of the major challenges.

Volkswagen’s software subsidiary, Cariad, was to sign a partnership with chipmaker Qualcomm. For the moment this file is not progressing and Cariad is falling behind which is already causing problems for the German group. STMicroelectronics should therefore become Cariad’s main partner. No information on the size of the contract was communicated.

Innovate to better compete

Everything is based on innovation and the integration of technologies. The CEO of Cariad
: “The SoC (processor) we design will be perfectly matched to our software – without compromise. The use of a unique and optimized architecture in all Volkswagen electronic control units will give us a huge boost for the efficient development of our software platform.” No more different software that interacts with components from other brands, not optimized.

So Volkswagen is finally getting to Tesla’s level by handling everything from hardware to software. It is thanks to this that the American manufacturer of electric cars was able to find solutions in the midst of the semiconductor crisis.

Note that this crisis is still not over. Car manufacturers are still bearing the brunt of the consequences of this lack of microcomponents. This is how we find companies that favor the production of certain models. The simplification of the production chains makes it possible to accelerate the pace. This gives customers fewer options, but delivery times are not exorbitant. Other manufacturers prefer to sell more expensive vehicles, which are also more profitable.



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