Elon Musk and the Tesla ‘autopilot’ scandal are exposed to the general public

The documentary series, titled Elon Musk’s Crash Course, investigates Tesla’s alleged self-driving technology sold by Elon Musk.

The new documentary titled Elon Musk’s Crash Course explores “the dark side” of the production of Tesla vehicles and investigates autopilot issues. ” Drawing on first-hand accounts, the film traces how Autopilot was a factor in several deaths and dozens of other accidents that Tesla has not publicly acknowledged. “.

Accident involving a Model X and exaggerated confidence in the autopilot on the part of its user – Credits: Flickr

According to the Times, the document will detail “ Elon Musk’s pressure on government officials to quash investigations and stories from several former Tesla employees, who denounce Musk for promoting a self-driving program that they believe is perilous “.

Misleading and dangerous semantics for the user

For several years, the leader in the construction of electric vehicles is under close surveillance from the US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). In question, many dubious accidents and misleading claims about a fully autonomous system.

This semantic bias with certain marketing effects tends to encourage Tesla users to attribute over-reliance on autopilot. Because according to the authorities, the system is far from being entirely autonomous.

The feature film is signed by producer and director Emma Schwartz and features the work of New York Times reporters Cade Metz and Neal Boudette. He promises to reveal the pipe dream nature of Musk’s pursuit of self-driving technology, and its tragic results “.

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It was the American channel FX which revealed on Monday that its latest documentary feature, Elon Musk’s Crash Course from the New York Times Presents, will be premiered on May 20.

As for the company, it continues to rush headlong, faithful to Elon Musk’s policy of progress. Since January, the Beta version of the autopilot offers three autonomous driving modes, including an aggressive mode assuming higher risk taking for the user.

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