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Elon Musk is sleeping in Twitter’s premises (and it annoys Tesla)

Elon Musk is ready to make sacrifices to relaunch Twitter. The billionaire will prove it in a very demonstrative way by arranging to sleep in the company’s premises. He said: “I spent the night at the Twitter headquarters in San Francisco. I will work and sleep here until the organization is fixed”.

A start of mistrust of Elon Musk in the Tesla community?

This news and his many other raucous statements over the past few weeks don’t all add up and are starting to worry some Tesla fans.

It must be said that the car manufacturer’s stock market figures are clearly not good. After starting the year at $400, the company’s stock is currently worth less than $200.

We therefore sense some irritation on Tesla’s side, as this sympathizer shouted at Elon Musk on Twitter: “Elon, as fans or employees of Tesla, did we really suffer to save these guys, seriously? ! !..”

This question arises in a very special context. We learned last week that the entrepreneur sold 19.5 million shares of Tesla for a total value of $3.95 billion. Elon Musk therefore chose to respond directly to this internet user to reassure him: “I also take care of Tesla. I will be there partially this week. »

Whether this will be enough to reassure observers remains to be seen. Indeed, many are skeptical about the sustainability of Elon Musk’s project for Twitter, especially since the latter tends to change his mind very often and comment a little too much on his decisions.

For Elon Musk, the example must come from above

As for the fact that the entrepreneur chose to spend the night at the company’s premises, it is also not so surprising. Elon Musk has actually already slept in Tesla’s premises before. It is a form of example that comes from the top and must involve all its employees.

The executive spoke in favor of returning to work on site at Tesla recently, and he had also explained: “ The taller you are, the more your presence should be visible. That’s why I stayed so long in the factory – so the workers could see me working with them. If I hadn’t, Tesla would have gone bankrupt a long time ago. »



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