Elon Musk’s criticism of Bill Gates

It’s been a real wave for 48 hours. A Wall Street Journal reporter has obtained dialogues between Bill Gates and Elon Musk. The exchanges make react, because the president of Tesla inc. confirmed the veracity of the statements.

A difficult relationship for a long time

It’s almost impossible to define the relationship between billionaires, but I find it reassuring that they talk to each other via text. However, Elon and Bill do not agree on the subject of the electric vehicle. This does not prevent mutual respect.

“Why are you shorting Tesla stock? »

In this discussion, Bill Gates comes to Elon Musk to converse on the climate emergency and an approach to philanthropy.

Tesla is taking concrete actions to reduce the carbon impact on the globe and he does not see it as correct that he is using a pessimistic tactic on the Tesla stock. For once, the confirmation of the exchanges by Elon Musk reveals part of Bill Gates’ investment strategy.

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