Europe imposes its regulations on cookies

The National Commission for Computing and Liberties has just imposed an unprecedented provision on Google: the arrival of the “refuse all” button on the cookie consent window, not only on YouTube but also on Chrome.

Previously, users could only accept cookies and not make real choices.

This provision, however, is only applicable on European territory, excluding for the time being England and Switzerland, which do not fall under the yoke of the provisions which have just been taken, which follow a condemnation intervened at the beginning of the year against Google, to a sum of 150 million euros by the CNIL.

A decision applied within a very limited framework.

For the time being, only YouTube in France uses this function, but then all users residing in the European Economic Area, the United Kingdom and Switzerland Chrome will come, like YouTube, who will be able to benefit from it.

On the Google side, the story is different, since we remain silent on this condemnation and the obligation side of the decisions taken by the CNIL, but we prefer to invoke a change in the management policy for third-party cookies in favor of solutions proposed as part of the Privacy SandBox, three applications of which have been made available to developers for testing.

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