Faced with the lack of pilots this summer, this solution found by airlines worries

Holidays may turn out to be more complicated than expected this summer. For several weeks already, scenes showing monster queues have been observed in many British or Dutch airports. Blame it on a lack of staff at airports or within companies. During the Covid-19 pandemic, many of them made budget cuts and laid off many employees. But today, traffic has resumed, which raises fears of series flight cancellations, as Capital mentioned a few days ago. The French pilots of EasyJet, in particular, are worried about the lack of staff among the hostesses and stewards and “a little among the captains”, indicated the National Union of Airline Pilots (SNPL).

Faced with these situations, a solution is envisaged by companies, relates Europe 1. Thus, some of them, low cost, do not hesitate to call on self-employed pilots for the summer. Our colleagues explain that they notably go through a Polish subcontractor: Buzz. Problem, this presents risks, deplores the SNPL through its spokesperson, Olivier Cadiot. “It poses several problems, especially for flight safety”, he blurts out before specifying: “When you are self-employed, you may be going to carry out the mission while being tired” or sick.

If the big companies are less affected because they laid off fewer workers during the period linked to Covid-19, (…)

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