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Fall of the crypto market: Kraken is hiring, but not just anyone

Funny atmosphere inside – In recent years, we had become accustomed to seeing crypto platforms to hire when the market goes up and fire on the decline. Last week, it was thought to start again with the first announcements from Gemini or But no ! This is not true for everyone. The latter have moreover made themselves kindly Chambering by Changpeng Zhao who continues to hire, despite the bear market. kraken is also recruiting. The California company is looking for collaborators, but not just any. Thanks to “wokes” to abstain! They are not welcome at Kraken. Psychodrama in San Francisco!

Binance and Kraken Take the Crypto Market Against the Tide

Some major cryptocurrency platforms are bearing the brunt of the fall of the market and have to lay off staff. and Gemini are concerned, but also Coinbase which is suspending its hiring and which must revise its plans downwards. Is it a change of strategy or poor anticipation of events? Temporality works against the companies concerned.

At the same time, other exchanges appear better armed to cope with a significant drop in income. kraken or Binance proudly announce that they are continuing their recruitment policy.

“We have over 2,000 vacancies on our roster. In Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and the Middle East, we will continue to grow our team as planned. We even see this moment as an opportunity to access some of the best talent in the industry. »

Jesse Powell, CEO of Kraken

Kraken’s CEO is in conflict with a small part of his employees

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Jesse Powell at war with his employees a little too much “wokes”

But then what happens at Kraken? except that he is looking for 500 new employeesJesse Powell recently expressed, on the company blog, his exasperation faced with certain behaviors in thecompany. He vehemently denounces a small part of his staff who do not have the right ” mentality »good ” spirit “.

Not “corporate” enough, these 20 employees (out of 3,200) pose a problem for him. They would fight fights “rearguard”whose “most people don’t care”.

Powell goes on to explain that most of his employees “just want to work” and do not wish to politicize their presence at work. Defense of African-American minorities, women’s rights, non-binary gender: all these debates “wokists” don’t have not “their place in the company”. He even invites them to leave the company with severance pay.

The CEO of kraken bitterly acknowledges that in bull markets, tensions tend to disappear. But lately the stress of a bear market accentuated the differences. So, so-called militant “wokists”, go your way or put your political and social sensitivity on hold! Here, we want workers who think “crypto first” and “business next”. You have been warned.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are here to stay and will change the landscape of the economy, everyone agrees. On your side, do not delay too much and go for it register on Kraken (affiliate link).



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