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Filmed by a Tesla, a meteorite lights up the sky of Houston

A meteorite lit up the sky of Houston and several residents managed to immortalize its passage.

Seeing a meteorite fall to Earth is a rare sight. But with all the cameras we have, whether at the entrance of our homes, in our pockets or in our cars, it becomes more likely to capture a meteorite image, even by chance. In Houston, in the southern United States, several residents were surprised to see a ball of fire cross the sky one evening in Julyand their unannounced videos are impressive.

Houston, we have a meteorite

One of the clearest videos was taken completely by chance thanks to the… dash cam of a Tesla. On Twitter, user @ogdenbirch posted images captured by his on-board camera, and the video instantly went viral.

While the person is driving his Tesla, we can indeed observe a fireball splitting the sky, before suddenly fading. According to Chron.com, this event took place on Sunday, July 24 around 10:30 p.m. (local time). Other people were also able to see and film the meteorite.

A “massive” meteor

Such a spectacle is obviously not not go unnoticed in Houston. On Twitter, in particular, we can see the fall of this meteorite from other points of view. The video below was obviously taken by a surveillance camera.

This one by a person who was just filming his dog on a Sunday night.

Finally, this last video also comes from a dash cam. Surprised by this blinding light, the driver of the car thinks he has seen an alien ship!



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