Finding Google Ideas, Google Questions, Competitors, etc.

Google is a widely used search engine on the internet. But, many Internet users do not know how to use it effectively. Indeed, this tool can be very useful if you know how to handle it. Thanks to this article, you will be able to start seeing Google differently to better use it.

Find ideas on Google

With so much information on Google, you can get lost by not paying attention. Here’s how to narrow your search and find the ideas you need.

What choices for keywords?

If you want to look for ideas and information on this search engine, it is not always easy. Indeed, the results can be confusing if your search is not specific. Since Google is an incredible wealth of knowledge, it’s always useful to search for the ideas you want on it. But to find what you need, it’s not enough just to type a few keywords. Rather, you need to do an even deeper search with a complete phrase that you find satisfactory. To visualize, instead of “ideas on Google”, you must specify “How to find ideas on Google?” “.

Suggestions on Google

This is a function that this search engine has had since 2004. The process is simple, as soon as you start typing on the search bar, several suggestions appear and change as you write. These are suggestions based on your request, and provided in real time thanks to an algorithm. These proposals are based on variables such as popularity, and old searches. They make it possible to present various information on the net. And to see the most searched by Internet users regarding your query.

By making the best use of these two factors, you can easily find the ideas you want on Google. You even have the possibility of quickly accessing the sponsored articles.

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Google Questions

To find the things you want on the web, Google is a great engine for asking your questions. So, how does he manage to answer the various questions of Internet users effectively?

The “Knowledge Graph” function

For a long time, one of the problems with Google has been that it does not directly answer questions posed on the search bar. But, this problem is no longer a problem now with the new feature “ Knowledge Graph from the search engine. Indeed, thanks to it, Google provides a precise answer to your question before showing the usual links to sponsored articles for example. In addition, this search engine can now say a little more about the subject without necessarily clicking on a link to enter a site.

The DIN (Daily Information Needs)

It is a process used to allow Google to know what Internet users really want to know. This is to help it answer even questions that users would not necessarily have thought of. The DIN is renewed each year to allow the search engine to always be up to date on any questions people may have. This method is simple because it consists of asking Internet users the questions that come to mind. And this can happen up to eight times a day for the most active for a certain period.

These Google features are created to be able to answer Internet users’ questions more precisely. This is to improve the quality of responses with the help of sponsored articles particularly.

The competitors

Even though Google is a big company with different branches, it also has competitors in different industries. Here are those main rivals by category:

  • The research : it is very imposing on this sector, but it also has competitors like Microsoft’s Bing, and Yahoo!.
  • Entertainment : This is an area where Google’s YouTube is increasingly losing ground to competitors like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime, and others.
  • Technology : essential but less known sector. Its rivals are among others Cisco Systems, or Hewlett-Packard.

Google is certainly a giant when it comes to search. Internet users can rely on the varied answers it gives to satisfy them. So you also have the option of To ask questionsor of search for ideas on anything and everything on Google.

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