first images of the smartwatch that Google forgot in a restaurant

The past few days have been full of news for Google, especially with regard to the Pixel Watch. This smartwatch is increasingly a certainty and should appear very soon for everyone to know.

If until now it was only an idea and the result of a few models, there are important news. A prototype of this smartwatch was left in a restaurant, making it available for everyone to see and evaluate.

It almost sounds like a made up story, but it sure is very true. Google is preparing a new smartwatch, based on its experience. This one will certainly have Wear OS as its base, but there’s a lot to know, especially when it comes to its design.

After seeing a first confirmation, the result of a trademark filing, there are now novelties. The Pixel Watch has now appeared in public and has become very visible to everyone. It ended up forgotten in a restaurant, in plain sight and ready to be assessed.

It seems like an almost surreal story, but the truth is, it happened anyway. The Android Central website has gained access to a prototype of this watch, with the first images now being shared on the internet.

From what you can see, this Pixel Watch seems to fulfill what has been expected for some time. A circular design, with a rotating crown and almost no bezel. There are also 2 side buttons that control certain functions.

The lower part appears to be covered in glass and has a set of sensors that will collect information from users. There’s also a proprietary wristband system, which opens up a lot of customization.

As for the operating system, and with great certainty that it will be Wear OS, it has not been possible to verify anything. When this smartwatch was on, only a capital G was present and did not allow access to other functions of this Google watch.

If you find this situation strange, it is not original. In 2010, Apple lost an iPhone 4, which was later revealed to the public in advance. This situation was complicated, but eventually resolved itself. In this case, and from what we know, Google is not actively looking for this Pixel Watch, which is even stranger.

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