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Follow the match Ukraine Espoirs – France Espoirs LIVE

Thank you for having followed with us this meeting of the qualifiers for Euro Espoirs 2023 between Ukraine and France. See you soon on and on the Eurosport app!

20:36 Much less dashing in the second half, the Bleuets have achieved the essential by validating their ticket for Euro 2023.

94th (3-3) It’s over in Istanbul! Ukraine and France leave on this score of parity 3-3.

Euro Espoirs 2023 qualifying

Les Bleuets almost have both feet at Euro Espoirs 2023

06/06/2022 At 6:21 PM

93rd (3-3) Diop’s curled free kick is blocked by Caqueret.

92nd (3-3) Diop gets an excellent free kick at the edge of the Ukrainian penalty area.

91st (3-3) We will have four more minutes of happiness in this second half.

89th (3-3) Meslier must intervene far from his goals on a long Ukrainian ball. His not very academic outing in front of Bragaru is still effective.

87th (3-3) High recovery from Badiashile in the Ukrainian camp. The captain of the Blueberries serves Thuram who immediately launches Diop in depth. The Monaco winger goes inside before impaling himself in the Ukrainian defense.

84′ (3-3′) Very muscular intervention by Sych on Diop along the sideline. Tempers are heating up a bit at the end of the match.

83rd (3-3) Ukraine make their last two changes: Bondarenko leaves in favor of Zhelizko. Mykhalyenko gives way to Kukharevych.

80th (3-3) Change for Les Bleuets: Gouiri gives way to Diop.

78th (3-3) Kalulu strikes! Found on a long cross from the left of Truffert, Kalulu takes his chance with a volley from the right. His attempt largely misses the goals kept by Trubin.

76th (3-3) Ukrainian corner hit from left to right. Melsier intervenes by pushing away the danger with his hand.

76th (3-3) Change for Ukraine: Vyunnik gives way to Bragaru.

75th (3-3) We enter the last quarter of an hour of this meeting and the Blueberries are still hooked by Ukraine 3-3 in this meeting.

72nd (3-3) The Ukrainian bloc is now firmly in place. The “locals” take advantage of each ball lost by the blueberries to quickly come out on the counter.

71st (3-3) Sylvain Ripoll’s players put their foot on the ball again in this second half without however managing to create the danger as in the first act.

69th (3-3) Camavinga tries a long opening towards Gouiri. The midfielder’s pass is ill-adjusted and ends up outside the goal.

68th (3-3) Double change on the Ukrainian side: Vanat and Kryskiv are replaced by Supriaga and Khlan.

65th (3-3) Good one-two on the left side between Thuram and Truffert. The Bleuets side crosses at the far post, but does not find one of his partners. The Ukrainian defense will be able to emerge.

62nd (3-3) Double change for France: Chotard and Cho give way to Caqueret and Ngoumou.

61st (3-3) New thrill in the defense of the Blueberries with a good ball in the depth of Bondarenko. The Ukrainian attack is signaled offside on this action.

59th (3-3) France finally reacts after a very complicated first quarter of an hour at the start of the second half. Cho goes for a volley that doesn’t find Trubin’s frame.

57th (3-3) New change for Les Bleuets: Koné leaves his partners due to injury. Camavinga comes into play.

56th (3-3) Change for the French team: Abline is replaced by Kalimuendo.

55th (3-3) Thuram also receives a yellow card for a late intervention on Bondarenko. This is tense in this encounter.

53rd (3-3) Vanat is warned on the Ukrainian side for a very nasty foul in midfield on Thuram. Ukrainian striker Bondarenko also receives a yellow card for a dangerous tackle on Koné.

49th (3-3) Ukraine returns to the height! New Ukrainian offensive on the left side with a cross from Vivcharenko in the direction of Bondarenko. The strike of the Ukrainian captain is again deflected by Badiashile and deceives Mesliers on his left. 3-3!

48th (2-3) Heat stroke on the French goal! Vivcharenko crosses strong in front of the tricolor goal. No French defender manages to cut the trajectory of the ball which Sych takes advantage of to place a diving header which does not find the target.

46th (2-3) No change should be noted on either side.

45th (2-3) It’s back to Istanbul! Kick-off of this second half between Ukraine and France.

19:38 Dominated in the large widths by the tricolor team, Ukraine did not show much in this first half, which did not prevent them from scoring two goals thanks to Vanat ( 6th) and Badiashile (CSC 44th). The “locals” still have every chance in this meeting.

19:34 Clearly superior to the Ukrainians in this first act, the Blueberries are logically in front at the break thanks to the achievements of Abline (3rd), Thuram (9th) and Gouiri (25th). Sylvain Ripoll’s players still showed some largesse defensively, allowing the Ukrainians to stay alive in this meeting.

45th (2-3) Half-time in Istanbul! Ukraine trailed France 2-3 at the break.

44th (2-3) Ukraine is recovering! On a cross from Sych from the right side of the surface, Truffert, then Badashiale diverts the ball which takes the unfortunate Meslier in default. Ukraine come back to 2-3!

43rd (1-3) Badiashile is sanctioned with a yellow card for having hooked Vanat on a deep ball.

41st (1-3) Gouiri is penalized for a late intervention on Bondarenko 25 meters from the France goal. The Ukrainian free kick does nothing.

37th (1-3) Badiashile still finds a raise offering a golden counter to the Ukrainians at three against two. Lukeba cuts the pass and restores air to the Blueberries defense.

35th (1-3) Big foul by Vyunnik on Truffert along the sideline. The Ukrainian logically receives a yellow card for this nasty foul.

33rd (1-3) Ukraine lacks too much technical accuracy for the moment to succeed in worrying this beautiful team of Bleuets.

30th (1-3) The French recover very well when the ball is lost, preventing any fast ball from the Ukrainians.

28th (1-3) Ukraine gets a corner on the right side after a poor recovery from the captain of Bleuets Badiashile. The Monegasque still redeemed himself by repelling the danger for a corner.

25th (1-3) Gouiri restarts the goal machine! Found by Badiashile on the left side, Truffert serves Gouiri back. The Niçois raises his head before fixing Trubin with a curled shot in the small net. 1-3 in favor of Sylvain Ripoll’s players!

24th (1-2) The pace has fallen well in this meeting. Les Bleuets let themselves be put to sleep by Ukrainians who have run out of solutions.

15th (1-2) We’ve been playing for a quarter of an hour here in Istanbul and Les Bleuets are leading 1-2 against Ukraine thanks to goals from Abline (3rd) and Thuram (9th). Vanat (6th) had reduced the mark for the Ukrainians.

12th (1-2) Sylvain Ripoll’s players will not have doubted for long in this meeting by immediately regaining the advantage over the very feverish Ukrainians defensively speaking.

9th (1-2) Les Bleuets regain control! Failed by a very good Trubin on the previous action, Thuram restores the advantage to his team on a shot from the left following a good job by Truffert at the start of the action. 1-2 for the Bleuts!

6th (1-1) Superb reaction from the Ukrainians! Very nice movement to three of the “locals” in midfield. Vanat inherits the ball, gets back on his good foot and arms a splendid curling shot from the left which ends in the top corner of Meslier. 1-1!

3rd (0-1) Abline launches the Bleuts! Served along the sideline Cho accelerates down the right side before serving Abline into the back of the defence. The Bleuets striker did not tremble when adjusting Trubin with a nice shot at the near post. 0-1 for France!

2nd (0-0) Cho lights the first fuse! Gouiri offers a solitary ride in the Ukrainian defense before serving Cho on the right of the penalty area. The Angevin takes his chance, but does not find the frame.

1st (0-0) The Ukrainians are playing in yellow tonight while Les Bleuets are wearing blue jerseys.

18:45 Mr Vassilis Fotias whistles the kick off of this match between Ukraine and France.

18:44 The two teams share a group photo in support of the Ukrainian people.

18:42 As a reminder, this meeting should have been played on March 29th. It has been displaced and relocated due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

6:40 p.m. Now on to the Ukrainian anthem.

6:30 pm Let’s go for the anthems with the “Marseillaise”.

18:24 Bleuets coach Sylvain Ripoll has made nine changes to the eleven lined up against Armenia last Monday. Lukeba records his second tenure just like Chotard.

18:20 France present themselves in a 4-3-3 format. Here is the starting eleven of Blueberries: Meslier – Kalulu – Badiashile (C) – Lukeba – Truffert – Koné – Chotard – Thuram – Cho – Abline – Gouira.

18:16 Substitutes: Diestsch – Gusto – Merlin – Caqueret – Diop – Le Fée – Camavinga – Ngoumou – Kalimuendo.

18:14 The Ukrainian selection adopts a tactical scheme in 4-3-3 for this qualifying match. Here is the starting XI of the Ukrainians: Trubin – Sych – Taloverov – Bol – Vivcharenko – Kryskiv – Mykhalyenko – Bondarenko (C) – Vyunnik – Vanat – Sudakov.

18:12 Substitutes: Neshcheret – Dubko – Biloshevskyi – Khlan – Bragaru – Zhelizko – Kuliev – Supriaga – Kukharevy.

18:10 The last five confrontations between Ukrainians and French have on the whole given birth to rather balanced meetings since the two nations have neutralized each other twice (2-2 in 2010 and 1-1 in 2011) for a Ukrainian victory (1 -0 in 2016) and two tricolor successes (2-0 in 2015 and 0-5 in 2021).

18:09 Held in check by the Faroe Islands alone (1-1) last September, France have since won each of their seven qualifying matches, scoring a whopping 24 goals for only one goal conceded. Best attack (28) and best defense (2) in Group H, the Tricolores have this evening the opportunity to further improve their statistics against a team they easily dominated in the first leg.

18:07 Intractable since their short but precious victory against Serbia (2-1) at the end of last year, Ukraine have since followed up on two major successes which place them in the best possible position before receiving the undisputed leader of the Group H. Hardly beaten by the Tricolors in the first leg (0-5), the Ukrainians have revenge to take on the tape from Benoît Badiashile in these qualifiers for Euro 2023.

18:05 Comfortable leader of their group with 25 points taken from a possible 27, France remains on a brilliant victory 4 goals to 1 against Armenia last weekend. Undefeated since the start of these qualifiers, Les Bleuets are seeking a ninth victory in ten matches tonight which would qualify them directly for the European Championship.

18:02 Second in Group H with 19 points from eight matches, Ukraine easily beat Macedonia 4-0 last Sunday. Winners on the same river score of the Faroe Islands at the beginning of the month, the Ukrainians can win a fourth consecutive success in the event of victory this evening against France.

18:00 The meeting will be refereed by Mr. Vassilis Fotias.


Hello everyone, and welcome to for the live of this meeting between the Hopes of the Ukraine team and the Blueberries led by Sylvain Ripoll. The meeting will take place in Istanbul, at the Esenyurt Necmi Kadioglu. Kick-off scheduled for 6:45 p.m.

Euro Espoirs 2023 qualifying

Not retained by Deschamps, Camavinga is summoned with the Hopes

05/19/2022 At 15:53

Euro Espoirs 2023 qualifying

Without forcing or shining, the Blueberries take their revenge

03/24/2022 At 9:45 PM



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