Foot OL – Tony Parker in government, OL in trouble? – Olympique Lyonnais

Re-elected President of the French Republic last Sunday, Emmanuel Macron will soon appoint a new Prime Minister, and a new government.

Everyone obviously makes their bets on who could occupy such a position. And as far as the Ministry of Sports is concerned, the name of Tony Parker comes up insistently. For this position much less popular in the past, and which is not even at present an independent ministry but attached to National Education, the possibility of seeing Roxana Maracineanu continue her mission is quite low, the re-elected president having intends to put a lot of new faces in his government. The former basketball player has a lot of aces up his sleeve, and he is now a favorite according to L’Equipe. He first returned to live in France after many years in the United States because of his career in the NBA, and he got involved in several actions. Including in the government with its role as ambassador for the “Passe Sport” allowance for young people and sport. He is considered close to Emmanuel Macron, and his name appeared as support at the start of his campaign, without it being too prominent either.

OL could change interlocutor for its development

Known for being a businessman attentive to investments, focused on the development of French companies internationally, the former leader of San Antonio is very active. He bought the Lyon-Villeurbanne basketball club, ASVEL, and got closer at all levels to Olympique Lyonnais, to the point of being often considered the future boss of the Rhone club after Jean-Michel Aulas. It is not done, even if he has always said he is flattered by this possibility. His entry into the government would have the merit of being unanimous, even if OL will have to put some development discussions with Tony Parker on hold, and therefore simply find another interlocutor. Apart from the prestige of the function, it could also not be suitable for “TP”. The salary is considered secondary with 10,000 euros per month, he who is in other spheres of course, but above all, he would be obliged to put aside his companies, his activities and his investments to avoid any conflict of interest. Real brakes on his appetite for business in sport, and which could in particular make the happiness of a former football player also cited among the candidates. The future sports minister could be Laure Boulleau according to L’Equipe, which highlights her respected career, her successful retraining in the media and her involvement in several actions with the ministry in the past.

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