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Football Bordeaux – L2: Gérard Lopez sacrifices 26 million euros to save Bordeaux

In net deficit before its passage before the DNCG on Tuesday, Bordeaux must find solutions to avoid an administrative demotion. The president and owner Gérard Lopez has therefore agreed to take half of the Girondins’ debt at his expense.

These next few hours promise to be crucial for the future of the Girondins. This Tuesday, Bordeaux will indeed present its accounts to the National Management Control Department (DNCG). But with a deficit estimated between 40 and 45 million euros, the Aquitaine club, relegated to Ligue 2, may this time fear an administrative demotion. Unless his management manages to fill the hole. Since the end of the season, Gérard Lopez has been struggling behind the scenes and negotiating with his creditors Fortress and King Street.

The president and owner initially wanted the American funds to give up 20 million euros on the total debt, but did not win the case. So according to the media 20 Minutes and Sud Ouest, the businessman, through his company Jogo Bonito – La Dynamie, finally reached an agreement by accepting to take on half of the debt, i.e. 26 millions of euros. This operation allows Bordeaux to lower its debt ratio, increase its equity and prove its efforts to the DNCG.

Mercato sales will be decisive

Of course, this agreement will not be enough to convince the financial policeman. He will still have to sell for at least 22 million euros on the transfer market by June 30. This is why Bordeaux risks a demotion as a precaution, while waiting to see if the club can respect its commitments in the transfer window. Not enough to affect the optimism of Gérard Lopez who still hopes to obtain the green light from the DNCG on Tuesday, just to live a quieter summer.



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