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For its Pixel Watch, Google is preparing a dedicated application

We have known for several months that Google is preparing to launch itself into the connected watch market, after developing its range of Pixel smartphones, which has become a benchmark. To accompany the launch of what will be called the Pixel Watch, the American giant is not doing things by halves, and is also preparing an application. And you’ll never guess his name…

In terms of technological innovation, Google has not been afraid to enter the smartphone market and come to compete with the overpowered Apple and Samsung, by launching a Pixel range which is ramping up with the latest generation, the magnificent Pixel series. 6. It must be said that the Mountain View company was already leaving with a great advantage: it is the company that develops Android, the famous operating system that equips smartphones. Thus, the brand’s phones always come out equipped with the latest version of Android, exclusively, and allow optimal use of the few applications stamped Google. You know, Gmail, Maps, Drive and co…? To go even further and offer a real eco-system, with the upcoming arrival of Pixel Buds Pro headphones, a connected watch, the Pixel Watch, will soon come with smartphones. And while it was expected to work like so many others through the Wear OS app, it looks like Google has finally decided to work on its own app in secret. Finally, “in secret”, not really, now…

There will soon be something new at Google! On July 21, the Pixel 6a, a more affordable version of the excellent Pixel 6 will be available, as well as the brand’s new wireless headphones, the Pixel Buds Pro. But that will be far from everything for 2022, since the Pixel 7 series has already been unveiled, and will be released in September, with the brand’s first connected watch, the famous Pixel Watch, presented on May 11 at the conference. Google I/O which we already told you about in a previous article. This new product was already at the center of many rumors, in particular about its design, of course, its name, or the number of models in which it would be available. But what nobody saw coming was the simultaneous development of an application. Until the site always quick to unearth exclusive information on Google, 9to5Googledecides to search the beta version of Google Play Services, recently posted on the Play Store…

A Smart Unlock function for the Pixel Watch

The use of an application dedicated to the future Pixel Watch is ultimately not so surprising. There’s already one for Pixel Buds, and Samsung has done the same for the Galaxy Watch4. But its development and the discoveries of 9to5Google indicate that Google wants to offer a truly unique experience for its connected watch. Indeed, in the code, the site noticed the presence of a Smart Unlock function, allowing you to automatically unlock your smartphone when the Pixel Watch is present around your wrist. A function that is reminiscent of what the Apple Watch allows with the iPhone. This is only a first discovery, which we imagine necessarily calls for others, if Google has decided to release its own application. As of now, no specific date has been announced for the release of the Pixel Watch, but it is expected in the fall, at the same time as the launch of the Pixel 7 series.

Ah, yes: this application must have a name. And it is rather well found: Pixel Watch app. Or in VF, “the Pixel Watch application”. That shouldn’t be too hard to remember…

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