Forget the Tesla Model S, the Lucid Air is coming to Europe!

The Californian manufacturer Lucid Motors is preparing the arrival in Europe of its first 100% electric vehicle, namely the Lucid Air sedan. Remember that the firm is counting on three flagship models to come soon: a sedan first (the Air therefore), then an SUV, and finally a more compact and less expensive model. The manufacturer already displays great ambitions, and MotorTrend magazine recently awarded the Lucid Air the “Car of the Year” award, just that!

Lucid Motors takes on Tesla!

Formalized at the start of the 2020 school year, the Lucid Air sedan began to be delivered to American buyers at the end of last year, and we learn today that the sedan will arrive in Europe very soon. The manufacturer hopes to be able to deliver the first models from June or July. Initially, it is Germany which should welcome the vehicles from Lucid Motors (as well as the headquarters of the company in Europe), but the rest of Europe is obviously concerned.

To make drivers succumb, and incidentally compete with the Tesla Model S, the Lucid Air can count on a very worked look, both externally and internally. No less than five versions of the Lucid Air are available, with the title “flagship” a 794 kW Dream Edition version.

The great strength of the Lucid Air is also its autonomy, since the manufacturer promises around 800 km of driving on a single charge for the top-of-the-range models, and around 650 km for the entry-level model.

On the price side, the Lucid Air is displayed in the United States at a price of 77,400 dollars for the “basic“. It remains to be seen now at what price this competitor of the Tesla Model S will be displayed here, and if motorists will dare to place their trust (and a few tens of thousands of euros) in this manufacturer which is still very mysterious in the eyes of the general public.

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