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Get YouTube Premium for free with Google’s new referral program

YouTube Premium is a premium subscription for YouTube that removes ads and provides access to more YouTube Music features. Premium subscribers can now get up to 12 months of free membership if they recruit others to sign up.

YouTube Premium now has a referral program, as 9to5Google reports, that generates a referral link that you can send to other people. If someone else signs up for three months of YouTube Premium with your link, they can get the first three months for $0.99, then the standard price of $11.99 per month kicks in. At the same time, you get a free month of Premium for each referral.

You received an invitation from a friend! Sign up today with your special offer. 3 months for $0.99 + then $11.99/month


YouTube often offers three free months of Premium as a promotion. It is therefore not the best offer in the world for new subscribers. The discounted price will also not be available to someone who has already signed up for YouTube Premium before canceling it later. So you can’t use someone else’s referral link to get three months free perpetually. Finally, a referral link can only give the link creator a maximum of 12 free months.

At this time, you also cannot create a referral link from the website or the iPhone/iPad app. This feature is now available in the YouTube app for Android, accessible by tapping your profile picture in the top right corner, then selecting “Your Premium Benefits”. Some Android app users don’t have it yet, so if you don’t see it, try again in a week or two.

The new referral program could be a great way to get free months of Premium for you and a friend once it’s fully rolled out. YouTube TV launched a similar program earlier this year.



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