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Good news for Dogecoin: Elon Musk talks about it in his plans for Twitter!

Musk revealed that cryptocurrency payments are a feature that may be introduced on Twitter when discussing with Twitter staff. ” It would make sense to integrate payments on Twitter so it would be simple to transfer money back and forth”Musk said, adding that those plans could include both “ fiat currency and crypto ».

Although former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey included Bitcoin tipping in 2021, Musk’s proposal seems more expansive. Musk promised to “maximize the usefulness of the service” by making ” Twitter so attractive you won’t be able to live without it » ; including a combination of news and entertainment.

For Elon Musk, money is inherently digital at this point, and has been for a long time, drawing a parallel with PayPalwhich he co-founded.

Musk suggested paying in crypto on Twitter, but he didn’t provide a detailed strategy. ” Maybe even an option to pay in DOGE ? “, he mentioned.

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Protect Twitter from fraud!

Musk also said he wanted to remove crypto scams from the social media platform. He considers that on Twitter there are a lot of crypto frauds than on other social networks.

Musk then further elaborated on the ideas he previously mentioned. He wants Twitter’s anti-bot algorithms exposed to public scrutiny. Additionally, he intends to create a paid service that users can use to prove their legitimacy.

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As we are used to now, the DOGE/USD did not react to Elon Musk’s comments. But if the social network adopts it, it will be the biggest platform that has integrated payment in Dogecoin.

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