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Google Calendar email invitations are (finally) getting a makeover

Google is updating email invitations for events on Google Calendar. It is mainly a visual redesign of these invitations in order to modernize them, because they had taken a certain old look.

After years without changes, Google is (finally) rethinking Google Calendar email invitations. With their default font and their square-angled buttons, it is true that the interface looked like the web of the 2000s. The service is back with a complete redesign and changes to the information displayed.

Clearer email invitations

Google says it wants to make event details “more accessible and useful“in order to allow you”quickly find and act on the most important information of an event“. The emails notifying you of a modification to an event are always present and even completed. Whether it’s a change of time or location, the email will contain “both old and updated information“.

An overview of the new Google Calendar email invitations // Source: Google Workspace

On the screenshot above of an invitation to Google Calendar by email, we see that the buttons have been changed to match the graphic style of Google tools. The mention the reference “Changedin English appears to indicate that a change has taken place in the date and time of the event. There is also a note explaining why the change was made.

This change to Google Calendar has started rolling out gradually and will be fully rolled out by the end of the month. A redesign that is available for Workspace users, former G Suite customers (Basic and Business), but also for all users of personal Google accounts.

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