Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s way to stay fit every day without working out

In a recent interview with the wall street journal, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, reveals the influence of the NSDR meditation method on his life. Editor’s note? If you haven’t yet heard of this technique, which helps keep in shape without going through the nap box, we’ll tell you more.

When asked if he practices meditation, Sundar Pichai (who, by the way, has very good taste in watches) admitted that it was not easy for him, and that he preferred a form of meditation “more active”, like walking. “Walking helps me a lot. It’s much easier to think when I’m walking. During the pandemic, I got into the habit of walking my dog ​​while listening to podcasts.” And this is where another form of meditation comes in.

According to the CEO, the podcasts in question concerned relaxation and the famous NSDR technique, or “Non-Sleep Deep Relaxation”, or “Repos Profond Sans Sommeil” in French. This technique consists of lying down without moving, focusing on the sensations felt in different parts of the body.

In short, these podcasts are a kind of guided meditation, and there are both for beginners and for those accustomed to meditation. Besides, there are not only podcasts, but also videos. “Sometimes when I want to meditate, I go to YouTube and look for an NSDR video,” the man clarified in the interview.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google.


NSDR and its advantages

The term NSDR was coined by neurologist Andrew D. Huberman, head of the Huberman Lab, who studies how the brain works and how to repair neural circuits damaged by injury or disease. He thought the term would appeal to people unfamiliar with meditation or wellness, who might be intimidated or alienated by these concepts (it is common to see people turn away from traditional meditation because they are unable to adapt to it, or that they do not believe in its benefits). NSDR seeks to lead to a deep level of rest and recovery, without falling asleep.


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