Google changes its vision of data security

The security of your personal data on the Internet is a big debate that seems endless and a little lost in advance. However, some companies are implementing movements to try to fortify those of their users. However, it sometimes makes people smile a little when the security initiatives come from the actors who initially drew the contours of the problem and made a fortune with it. However, let’s not be as cynical as them and let’s content ourselves with saluting these scraps of redemptions which at least have the advantage of existing. Today it’s Google which makes a decision in this direction concerning its Play Store.

Play Store: a story of trust

Google has always, it must be said, done its utmost to ensure that the applications offered on its virtual market are of the best possible quality. This is partly the case, even if some manage to invite themselves with their malware warm in their bowels. The American firm wants to do better for its users and wishes today more transparency from APK publishers on their collection of users’ personal data. The latter now have the obligation to inform about this practice on the sheet of their software, as announced on the Google blog:

By July 20, 2022, all developers will be required to report how they collect and process user data for apps they publish on Google Play. They will also need to specify how they protect this data, through security practices such as encryption. This includes data collected and managed through third-party libraries or SDKs used in their applications.

This release update therefore also requires more clarity on how companies secure collected data. A way for Google to clear customs if embezzlement is recognized?

It’s not me, it’s him !

We can indeed discover, in the shared bulletin, a paragraph which speaks volumes. Californian society thus seems as much to want to protect its users as itself by announcing to the developers:

You are solely responsible for providing complete and accurate statements on your Play Store listings. Google Play checks apps for full policy compliance. However, we cannot determine for developers how they handle user data. Only you have all the information you need to complete the data security form. If we find any inconsistency between your app’s behavior and your statement, we may take appropriate action, including penalties.

Faced with the ever-increasing number of applications present on the official Android market, we understand that checking them one by one has become absolutely impossible. Yes, there are many algorithms to do this, but they are not 100% reliable and cannot perform (for now) all the verification tasks. So might as well give that side of the job directly to the editors, after all. Whatever happens, it will always be the user who comes out on top, if he goes to the application section to find out about this information.

And we know that he will be delighted, he who already reads the terms of use to the last line each time he downloads a program from the Play Store.

Uh, wait…

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