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Google Chrome could take over Microsoft Edge’s translation feature

Google Translate has seen a number of functional improvements over the past few months, but it still lacks one key feature: the ability to translate selected text. That could change soon, if a new feature spotted in Chrome Canary is any indication.

The search giant appears to be working on a partial translation option in Chrome’s Canary channel. The feature will allow you to translate parts of a webpage into any language supported by the service.

A bubble interface containing the highlighted text appears after right-clicking on a text selection in a page and choosing the translate option from the context menu. There is also an option to translate the entire page.

You can change the destination language as you wish by clicking on the three-dot menu in the translation bubble. This option makes it easier to switch between languages ​​rather than jumping through hoops as is currently the case.

However, this feature is not yet fully functional, which is not surprising for a capability discovered in Chrome Canary. When Google makes the partial translation tool available in the stable version of Chrome, it will be especially handy when opening a multilingual web page.

If this feature sounds familiar, that’s because Microsoft Edge has had it for a while now. Google Lens for Chrome also got a similar experience in April as part of a major update, including the ability to copy texts over an image or translate them. This feature has rolled out to most top Chromebooks and PCs.



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