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Google Chrome wants to improve autonomy by restricting inactive tabs

Google is currently testing a new option in Chrome with the aim of improving the autonomy of laptops. It is called “Quick intensive Throttling after loading”.

The option, which is currently a self-enabled flag, reduces JavaScript activity much earlier if tabs are loaded in the background. When pages are loaded in the background, the browser minimizes them after 5 minutes. The new feature reduces this period to 10 seconds, which is significantly more aggressive behavior.

This change concerns the acceleration of pages opened in the background in Chrome. The browser reduces wake timers for JavaScript to 1 per minute, but only when a tab has not been active for 5 minutes. This modification makes the slowdown start much earlier, which has a positive effect on range.

According to Google, the gain in autonomy is around 10% with the new option, which is not negligible. Also, the group has done some tests and says they have not noticed any particular problems.

The Quick intensive Throttling after loading option is currently available with the Dev and Canary versions of Chrome. If you have either and want to test the option, enter chrome://flags/#quick-intensive-throttling-after-loading in the URL bar and choose Enabled from the drop-down menu on the right.



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