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Google Chrome will make downloads even easier

Google Chrome will soon have a new interface for downloaded files. The browser wants to be clearer on this point and make certain manipulations easier, including drag and drop.

Source: Reddit

Google Chrome continues to improve and this time it’s the downloads menu that’s affected. The Mountain View firm is working on a new user interface that wants to make our lives easier.

It’s been a few months that we know that Google is working on this interface. From now on, it will be easier to go and see its downloads compared to the traditional Control + J. Indeed, an icon will appear to the right of the URL. Just click on it to see the files downloaded to your computer.

Google Chrome will finally include drag and drop in its interface

There is even better: by opening this window, it will be possible take a downloaded file and drag it somewhere else. Quite simply. No need to fetch them directly from your dedicated folder. It won’t drastically change your life, but it will save you a few precious seconds, especially if you’re the type who downloads a lot of images. All you have to do is drag them onto your desktop or directly into Photoshop.

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This innovation seems so obvious, but it was still not included in Chrome. It is currently only available in the latest Canary update, and therefore will not arrive for the general public for a few weeks, even a few months. In any case, it’s interesting to see that Google is finally taking an interest in the downloads pane of its browser, which remains archaic compared to the rest.

Chrome therefore continues to improve over time. Google brings new features in small touches, such as blocking intrusive notifications, automatically changing hacked passwords or even better prevention of fraudulent sites. A job that pays, since Chrome is today the most used internet browser on the planet with 64% market share. The second, Safari, peaks at 19% while Edge, Microsoft’s browser running under the Chromium engine, struggles to exceed 4%.



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